use of emojis in your marketing campaign

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Emojis in Your Marketing Campaign

There are a lot of things companies can incorporate into their various marketing campaigns. Likewise, there are certain things we should avoid as to not turn away our leads and customers. Although emojis may seem like the thing to be avoided, they are actually quite the opposite.

At first glance, it may seem as though emojis are a little risky to use. But, as a matter of fact, emojis may be your next awesome approach to marketing. Get at it before others do.

Here’s why you should use emojis in your marketing campaign?

1. More Emojis Lead to More Downloads

Believe it or not, implementing emojis into your product descriptions on your landing pages actually leads to more downloads. The study comes from app developer Novoda, which took a look at different countries and the emojis that cater to them on Google app store. The study, though not entirely specific, determined that app descriptions with emojis did better than those without. And, the use of certain emojis can trigger user behavior altogether.

2. Marketing Campaigns Will Become Emoji-Focused

Whether or not you’re keen on the idea, it’s clear that emojis will soon play a huge role in the marketing world. And, while you should maybe try other types of unique marketing first, like location-based marketing or affiliate marketing, there’s no reason emoji-focused marketing can’t be on your radar, too. In fact, there are even new apps coming out to help you create your own emoji-focused marketing campaign, like Inmoji. Apps like this allow companies to do things like create their own set of emojis. How cool is that?

3. An Emoji Says What Words Can’t

When we talk about changing up your content marketing routine, adding emojis into your campaign may be the shift you need. Like images and other visual content, emojis are a way to get the point across to readers who just don’t have a lot of time on their hands. If a picture says a thousand words, than how many does an emoji say?

4. Emojis Lead to Higher Engagement

An Instagram Emoji study that took place recently determined that emojis bring 17% higher interaction rates. Another similar study for Twitter determined that emojis used in tweets are the cause for 25.4% more engagement there. These are just two examples, and these numbers alone are enough to convince marketers the importance of using emojis.

5. Emojis Make Everyone Happy

The bottom line is that emojis put a smile on peoples’ faces. It’s very rare that someone will come across an emoji on an email or landing page on your website and think, “Wow…they must not be a serious business if they use emojis.” In general, emojis are a great way to invoke a strong relationship between a company and its customers. After all, a little humor can go a long way when it comes to making sales.

If you want to give emojis a try in your next marketing campaign, then you’re going to need to know the results of that. Request a demo at The Mission Suite to learn how we can help you analyze the use of emojis in your marketing campaign as well as many other exciting features.

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