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5 Heartwarming Ways to Boost Your Website’s Traffic This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we want to spread a little love. And, you want people to love coming to your website.

Who doesn’t want that?

The more flow you have coming to your site, the more opportunities you’ll have for business transactions. But, getting that traffic to come is hard work. It’s not just about creating good content or changing what days you send out emails. It’s a combination of all these ideas in an effective way that leads to one result in mind; boosting your website’s traffic. And, if you don’t put a little love into your site, people will surely notice.

1. Give Lots of Likes and Love to Your Own Content

Once you post your content in cyberspace, it often gets lost. Unless it’s a remarkable piece of content that shocks the web, you have to do a lot to push that one piece of content. But, we all don’t have the time to do that. So, what can you do instead? Start the conversation. Like your own content. Comment on your own content (sometimes as yourself, sometimes as a random person), and encourage people to talk.

2. Spend Time on Forums Introducing Yourself

Forums are not like they used to be. They are not just places swarming with internet trolls (though, you do need to be careful what kind of forums you use.) Reddit is a great way to join in on a conversation, but there are also business forums or even Facebook pages and groups that cater to your specific industry and audience. Sign in and add your expertise or thought-provoking opinions to the conversation. Post positive and kind remarks on the comments of others. This is a great way to boost your website’s traffic.

3. Give Your Site a Little Love Every So Often

Especially for your loyal customers or people who already know you, your website may get boring after a while. People need to see some change in order to keep them coming. The solution is to update your website every so often by giving it a little love. Add new themes, new pages, new logos, remove pages that aren’t being used, update landing pages, etc. Also, make sure all the links are working and all info is up to date.

4. Speed Up Your Site So There’s Love at First Sight

There’s nothing that frustrates potential visitors more than a homepage that doesn’t load. Therefore, one way to boost your website’s traffic is by making sure your website’s speed is quick enough. And, if you have any videos or images that are on your landing pages, that those load up when someone gets to your page. This will help ensure that more people come to your site and stay on your site. If they have to wait, they will likely leave, turning away that traffic quickly.

5. Start Webinars and Podcasts That Put Butterflies in Your Stomach

If you want to drive traffic, people need to know who you are. Leading podcasts or webinars gives people a chance to learn something informative (that you’re obviously the expert on). It also gives them a chance to associate emotion with you as a company. If you can give the audience goosebumps by talking smoothly about an interesting topic, people will want to check you out further by ultimately visiting your website.

It’s time to boost your website’s traffic and we want to give you the love and support you need to do just that! Request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn how we can help!

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