B Comes Before C and B2B Should Come Before B2C!

As a company, there are countless ways to constantly improve your CRM. And, if you really want to sell your business to more and more people, then your customers are the best outlet to do so. Having a strong relationship with your customers is essential to growing your company.

But, how can you guarantee that strong relationship, or start it off in the first place? Well, when businesses can rely on other businesses in order to reach their ultimate profit goals, it makes a huge difference for the customers.

This is, of course, B2B. If you’re in the marketing world, you’ve probably seen this term thrown around a lot. But, do you know what it means and why it’s just as important for your CRM as it is for your business?


What is B2B?

B2B stands for business-to-business. It’s a term used to describe the exchange of products, services, or information across a community of businesses as opposed to the consumers. Of course, this is just a fancy way of saying “e-commerce,” or at least, e-commerce among businesses. B2B is an excellent way for businesses to provide services to other businesses, and there are really no limits as to what can be considered as such.

Are you making B2B transactions? It’s possible you could be doing so and may not even realize it!

How is It Good for CRM?

Businesses who try to be on top all the time may be doing themselves a disservice. Instead, those who see the value in working with other businesses will see their business run more efficiently.

Most of the time, in order for you to cater to your consumers, you may need to purchase a product from some other type of business to help you out. This could be anything from hiring a web designer service for your site, to buying industrial-sized refrigerators to put in your kitchen at your restaurant.

The fact of the matter is, if you want to give your customers the best experience they can have, you may just need to get your B2B game up. There’s nothing wrong with relying on the products and services of other businesses in order to have your business function. The more comfortable you are with working with others, the more reliability your customers can have on you.

And guess what? Whichever businesses you’re engaging in B2B with, you’re helping them, too!


Why B2B is Necessary for B2C to Occur

Woah, that’s a lot of mumbo jumbo! Let’s clear this up. B2B is business-to-business. B2C is business-to-consumer. The two may be similar in some ways, but don’t confuse them.

Perhaps you sell things on your online store or physical store for customers to buy. That’s B2C marketing. But, let’s say that in order for you to sell whatever you’re selling, you need to purchase the materials from a factory or warehouse. That’s B2B. Without B2B, you wouldn’t have anything to sell, and your customers would have nowhere to go.

Are you seeing this cycle? After all, B comes before C!

We’re Part of the B2B Community

Here at The Mission Suite, we’re part of the B2B community as much as the next guy…maybe even more. And, we’re unique because businesses use our software to help them do everything else. We’re happy to help other businesses automate their marketing so they can run their businesses smoothly.

This just goes to show that there are so many ways for companies to essentially “get involved.” What about your business?

If you’re not already taking part in B2B, then let The Mission Suite be the first to invite you to this community. Request a demo to see how our marketing automation software can help your B2C take off!

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