what your CRM will look like

Here’s To Predicting What Your CRM Will Look Like in 2017

A new year means new changes in marketing¬†and new ways of relating to your customers. Your customers are hands down the best people to spread a positive word about your company. Treat them right, and you’ll see more and more leads coming to you, without hardly doing any work on your part. That being said, there are certain unspoken “rules” when it comes to dealing with your customers. That’s, of course, your CRM strategy. But, it’s not just as simple as being nice to your customers. There’s a lot more to it.

So, to keep you updated, here’s what your CRM will look like in 2017.

Using Predictive Analytics Now More Than Ever

When it comes to your CRM, 2017 will be the year of predictive analytics. At least, that’s what they are predicting! Predictive analytics are a type of analytics that hone in on specific data and data collecting techniques in order to make marketing predictions about the future. That sounds like a given, but nowadays, predictions no longer need to be rough estimates. And, this year, we will see PA being incorporated into all different kinds of CRM platforms.

Which brings us to our next point…¬†

Becoming Friendly with These “Robots”

Your 2017 CRM starts with getting to know the robots that can help you. And, by robots, we, of course, mean artificial intelligence, or, IoT. Yes, we now live in this futuristic world where these robots have really become a part of our lives. But, if your company knows how to manipulate such things and use it to your advantage, it really changes the marketing game. Sometimes, these robots come in the form of a marketing automation software. Ultimately, they help you to make more accurate decisions about managing your customer relationships; way easier than it’s ever been in the past.

what your CRM will look like

Being Constantly Connected to All Channels

It’s overwhelming how many avenues a company can go through to be in touch with a customer at any given time. This year, your CRM will look like a teenager’s iPhone. (We mean that in the nicest way.) At first, it just used to be computers vs. mobile devices. Now, it’s way more than that. Customers can follow you on everything from your Twitter, to Snapchat, to email, to whatever else it is that your company uses to make yourself available. And, the more you make yourself available on as many channels as possible, the keener your customers will be to be involved with you. This means you’ll essentially have to be connected all the time.

Utilizing Social Media Strictly for CRM

Social media has always been an important factor in any type of marketing. However, when it comes to CRM, it hasn’t really been adapted to its fullest capabilities. Yet. This year, though, things will likely change. Companies will be making themselves more accessible to their customers through direct messaging on social media, more than we’ve ever seen before.

Not sure what the future holds for your CRM this year? After following these points, this is what your CRM will look like in 2017. And, with help from The Mission Suite, you’ll get there in no time. Request a demo now.

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