obsessive with your inbound marketing

Are You Being Too Obsessive With Your Inbound Marketing?

When it comes to an effective inbound marketing strategy, a company needs to put in a lot of energy into what they do in order to get positive results. While some people may argue that there’s no limit into how much effort you can put in, we say, there is a limit. If you’re spending endless hours each day creating, adjusting, implementing, and analyzing your inbound marketing strategy without a chance to rest, you may need to re-think it all together. After all, it’s likely you’re being too obsessive with your inbound marketing.

Here’s how to tell, and what to do to change your habits.

Are you seeing sudden changes that aren’t making sense?

If you’re being too obsessive with your inbound marketing strategy, it might be easy to tell. If you’re seeing too many rapid changes each day as a result of your new strategy and those changes seem a little too good to be true, then take a step back. While a positive change could, of course, be indicative of you doing something right, make sure to check yourself. It could be that you’re doing so much, your whole analysis is simply getting confused.

Would you rather see accurate coverage of your strategy that may not have the best results, but at least you know where to improve? Then it may be time to slow down a little, so you can be sure as to which part of your strategy led to which actual result.

obsessive with your inbound marketing

Are you spending too much time on new content instead of revamping old content?

One thing businesses do wrong a lot of the time is thinking that they’ll “get it right” with the next batch of content. While there’s nothing wrong with trying new things once in a while, pushing out more and more content just to cover more ground isn’t going to be good for your inbound marketing strategy. Instead, try to go back and add links to previous articles or promote old content. You worked hard on that content, and you shouldn’t forget about it once you’ve finished. Go back and spend time fixing up past content pieces. It’ll be way easier and way more sensible than putting in all your energy into something new and unpredictable.

Are you watching your analytics until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore?

A great thing about a marketing automation software like The Mission Suite is you can learn a lot about how your own business is doing. After we help you implement strategies like email marketing, businesses can take a good look at what has been working and what needs to be improved. However, you may be too obsessive over your inbound marketing strategy if you can’t give it rest! Staring at your website analysis or specific marketing analysis every five minutes (which people do!) will not only drive you crazy. It also won’t really tell you anything.

It’s certainly important to keep an eye on how you’re doing. But sometimes, the best inbound marketing strategies are those that happen over time. For example, many companies do an annual analysis, or an “annual review” of everything from content, to emails, to cleaning up lead lists, to see what they can do better the next year. If you can’t stop checking your numbers, then there’s a chance you’re being too obsessive over your inbound marketing strategy.

Request a demo with The Mission Suite so we can help ease you into a healthy way of managing your inbound marketing strategy. 

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