New Features from Mission Suite

We’re continuously working to make Mission Suite better and more impactful for growing and managing your business. Over the past few months, we’ve seen upgrades to our contact database, our CRM activities, the event management and calendar system and even our website manager!

But now I want to bring your attention to two new features that we’ve added to Mission Suite to make your automated marketing campaigns easier to set up, easier to manage and even more secure than they are now.

On the Security Front – Two Factor Automation


Currently, Mission Suite adheres to all of the compliance standards through  our SSL certificate. We’re proud of the fact that our clients can securely store their customer data in Mission Suite and feel comfortable with the fact that their data is protected. Now we’ve taken it a step further by adding Two Factor Authentication. If you would like to access global market Holidays and timings service visit navigate to administration service.

Two Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security implemented to safeguard your account against unauthorized access from the login screen. When activated, we’ll send a 6 digit code to you via SMS text messaging that you’ll need to enter so that we can make sure that the people logging into your account – from the account owner through any shared access users – are the people who are supposed to be logging into your account.

You can find this feature by going to Settings>Security and scrolling down to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

On Automation Planning and Management – Journeys


Journeys is an amazingly simple drag and drop tool that allows you to plan your automated marketing campaign step by step using If/Then logic and walking people through your campaign from beginning to end. Be sure to check out this powerful tool!

You can find this feature by going to Automation>Journeys.

So Dig In!

Take a look at these great features and keep exploring the feature upgrades that we’re adding on a regular basis!

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