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Take the Storytelling Approach to Inbound Marketing Instead

There are many different ways a company can improve their inbound marketing in order to generate more leads, and one of these ways is through storytelling. You’re probably thinking storytelling is code for some unique marketing tactic, but it’s nothing of the sort. By storytelling, we mean nothing more than genuine telling of a true story.  The kind your grandma told you before going to sleep as a kid, or the kind you tell your friends after getting back from a long trip. Here’s why.

Stories are Easier to Understand

Anyone can write a catchy heading, but once you get to a page and it’s a lot of intellectual gibberish that’s hard to read, the jig is off. While it’s good to discuss important information in your content so people can learn about what you’re trying to sell, it’s often much easier for you and for them to take the storytelling route. Our brains respond much better to stories than anything else. You know when you have a good book you just can’t put down? You should align your inbound marketing in a similar fashion.

It Builds Trust with Your Leads

Stories don’t only need to be used in blog posts and articles. They can also be used in emails or on your website’s about me page. Instead of giving your 411 out to people, think about writing a story about how your company was started, or how you got inspired to create such a product. People are bound to relate to this much better, and ultimately, they will trust you more because of it.

storytelling, inbound marketing

It’s Common Sense

Most advertising companies use storytelling as their main approach to trying to sell something. While it might not be direct storytelling perse, it’s not too far off. Think about how commercials are essentially a story. They show a person that could easily be you or me, in the middle of story. You watch it, you relate to it, and you want to be part of it, so you buy whatever it is. It may not always work, but it makes sense.

But how to do it?

So, you know why the storytelling approach to inbound marketing is good and all, but how can you exactly go about it?

Make it Spark Emotions

Stories that can spark emotions, whether humorous, uplifting, shocking, or sweet, are wonderful ways to get your storytelling on. So, how can wearing this watch make you happy? How can buying this language program make you smarter? Think about how your leads would be better off because of these things (something you should already be thinking about), and make them the “star” in your marketing story. Do you have a customer that had a lovely experience after buying your product? Share those feel good moments with your leads.

Think of What a Story Has and Use It

Stories have characters, settings, dialogues, and a plot, much like the process of generating a lead. Ultimately, there’s a beginning, middle, and end to this kind of thing. Using storytelling as an inbound marketing tactic is no different. Can you include conversations or interviews in your stories? We’re more likely to read those sappy stories than the repetitive, boring news stories. Hone in on that.

storytelling, inbound marketing

Take the Humanistic Approach

Good products are solutions to everyday problems. They make life easier, more accessible, and in some cases, just more enjoyable. Get your leads’ attention by closing in on the humanistic approach. You want your inbound marketing to make people say, “Wow, I can totally understand that.” Or, “Wow, this tool would really help me out.” People also want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Telling a good story about your product or company allows them to feel this way.

Just Write!

There are really no rules to writing a story. You know very well what the goals are of your inbound marketing, so there’s no need to get crazy following some strict guidelines. Using your own personal writing style will really captivate your leads. So, just go with the flow, put your heart into it, and watch how storytelling brings you more customers.

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