What’s Holding You Back from Marketing Automation Success?

Did you know that only 8% of companies see increased revenues within 6 months of adopting marketing automation? After one year of MA use, 32% claim to see increased revenue. For those to have been using it for more than two years the figure is 40%. –B2Bmarketing.net and Circle Research “Benchmarking Report Marketing automation” (2015)

Marketing automation, when used correctly, is an amazing tool. It allows businesses to run complex campaigns and manage their time efficiently. unfortunately, statistics are showing that there are many barriers holding companies back from seeing ROI with maximum results. So, what are the most significant barriers holding us back from marketing automation success? Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Trends Survey” (2016) came back with the following results:

The most significant barrier to marketing automation success is the lack of an effective strategy (52%) 

The most significant barriers to marketing automation success are:

  • Lack of an effective strategy (52%)
  • Complexity of the system (42%)
  • Inadequate contact data quality (38%)
  • Lack of employee skills (32%)
  • Lack of relevant content (31%)
  • Marketing and sales alignment (30%)
  • Budget constraints (27%)

22% of marketers report that they aren’t confident they can stay up to date with marketing automation best practices, 79% was confident they could. – B2Bmarketing.net and Circle Research “Benchmarking Report Marketing automation” (2015)

It is inevitable that marketing leaders will continue to invest in automation, but in order for the industry to grow further, automation needs to provide useful solutions and enhancements to meet evolving needs. This means embracing technology in a revolutionary and holistic way to drive organizational change and business results.

So, how do we do this?

It is time to reinvent marketing automation into a unified platform that predicts effective strategies that work for your industry and target audience. By being able to predict your consumers next move, you can leverage complete visibility across the sales and marketing funnel. Unified marketing tools allow you to take the best action based on the insights you are provided to build a greater understanding of your ideal client. Unified platforms should prove to be scalable, with responsive databases and integrated workflow systems.

The good news is that there has been a major shift in this direction. Rather than simply trying to house everything into one system, platforms are beginning to also use a wealth of data to reach your target audience across multiple touch points. A predictive system such as this is equipped to learn, adapt and improve with every customer action. This way, you can get in front of the right people at the right time – and in the right way.

Today, marketing is much more than managing campaigns and tracking your prospects behavior. We now need to be able to leverage data and strategies with simplicity to keep marketing efforts efficient and effective. With a unified platform, you can design your system in a way that is amenable for predictive buying behaviors, creating a scalable user experience. By determining common denominators, you can revamp your product or service and then test it until success repeats itself. Only with a predictive focus and unified marketing platform is this possible.

Unified Marketing is taking over automated marketing by utilizing innovative tools and functions, making it an adaptable, one-stop platform for all your online marketing needs.

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