5 Ways to Monetize Your Marketing Message While You Sleep

Marketers today are continuously nailing down their sales message to resonate with their target audience. This is because their sales message is the core of all of their marketing activities. If you can get your sales message right, everything else will fall into place. Effective sales messages will intrigue your prospects, attract new customers and retain your current audience.

Unfortunately, many companies think their sales message should be about them and their product. This is a false assumption that causes their content to be powerless and confusing.

When a prospect comes across your business, the first question they ask is, “Why would I buy what you’re selling?” To answer this correctly, you will need to explain to them how what they are buying from you will help them achieve their goals or solve a problem. All ineffective sales messages fail to articulate the unique value of a product from your customer’s viewpoint. From the prospect’s perspective the point is, “What’s in it for me?” So tell them! Articulate value over what you have to offer in a way that resonates with the customer’s problems.

Here are 5 key points to help you articulate your sales message:


  1. Simplify your terminology with common words

Use simple verbs that have precise meaning. You’ll loose your reader’s attention in no time if they have to figure out what you’re talking about. Stay away from using terminology that may make you sound ‘smarter’ – write as if you are explaining it to a child.


  1. Sales messages are meant to be spoken

In other words, write like you talk! Write as if you are talking to your readers personally face to face. Read your sales message out loud, does it sound like something you would say? This is a rule of thumb to write content that converts to sales.


  1. Use verifiable facts to create credibility

Your prospects do not trust you. Therefore, they will approach your business with skepticism and suspicion. Your sales message should never express promises or lies. Rather, provide a quantitative, variable facts to create credibility.


  1. Use specifics instead of clichés

Clichés are red flags that convince the customer that you and your company are full of nonsense. Stay away from words like “guaranteed”, “no obligation,” and “free trial”. Rather, tell them exactly what they are going to receive or what the end result will be after they buy from you.


  1. The fewer words, the better

Get straight to the point. Most sales messages can be tightened up to be more precise, accurate and simple. Create two short sentences that answer the reader’s foremost questions.

Once you nail down your sales message, get it out! An intelligent, unified marketing funnel will spread and monetize your message while you sleep.

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