5 Essential Skills to Succeed in Modern Marketing

What is Modern Marketing?

For what used to be a simple method of communication, modern marketing has turned into a complex strategy to drive sales. It wasn’t until 1704 the first American newspaper advertisement appeared. Magazines, Billboards, Radio, and TV marketing boomed between 1800 – 1900’s. Telemarketing began in the 1950’s, to commercial cellphones and finally computers in 1985.

Marketing as we know it today began when the internet launched in 1995. Email was up and running in 1996, search engines in 2000 and Google launched AdWords CEO in 2001. Google then revolutionized page ranking and search algorithms. Social Media marketing began in the early 2000’s, including Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006.

One huge difference between the infancy of marketing and today’s technological capabilities is the idea that marketing should be inbound instead of outbound. We are now transitioning into a time where marketing can no longer be a form of harassment to the consumer.

Marketing now has a new role that defines leads based on real-time actions and interests of their target audience. The focus has shifted from an inbound philosophy, where relevant content and messages are being sent out to the right people at the right time. This allows sales and marketing teams to work together.

How can a marketer ensure they are reaching the right consumers without becoming just another sales message?

Here are the 5 essential skills marketers must have in order to succeed in today’s competitive landscape:

  1. Analytics

Analytical marketers know how to leverage their prospects web behavior. They can track their purchase history, current trends, and device engagement. A recent study by OMI identified that the most desired skill in online marketing is analytics, with 37 percent of companies needing data-savvy staff. However, another study from the American Management Association showed that only 26 percent of companies feel they can meet anticipated analytics needs. Here are 16 Google analytics tricks to maximize your marketing campaign.

  1. Social Media

Staying on the cutting edge of social media will help you create the trend, not follow it. How can marketers know which social media channels to use? Here are some options on how to use social media to generate inbound leads. Some other upcoming strategies include Google+, SlideShare and Pinterest. It’s important to create a VIP insider feeling for your brand or service. Entice your audience with special offers, discounts, valuable information, etc.

  1. Visual media and content

Bite-sized graphics and content are on the rise. Segment specific creative content across all channels – social, email, print, etc. Take this recent New York Times piece from Ashley Parker and Nick Corasaniti, “Data-Driven Campaigns Zero In on Voters, but Messages Are Lacking.” Great digital marketers create images and content that their consumers are excited to share.

  1. Teamwork

Marketing teams will continue to increase, so your ability to effectively work with others is paramount. When a task is handed to a well-trained and efficient team, the team’s work-space assures that the task will be completely quickly and correctly. This way, sales and marketing teams can take on more work, and generate more revenue. Being a great marketer isn’t just what you know, pay attention to your soft skills in your work relationships.

  1. Automation

There are several vital skills that marketers need to be familiar with. Between analytics, social media, creative content and graphics, being efficient becomes even more imperative for success. Marketing automation enables you to personalize all of your marketing efforts with effective campaigns on a larger scale. Automation should fit into your company’s larger sales and revenue strategy, if you haven’t considered it, you should start to.

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