Email Marketing Tips for 2016

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new marketing trends, but email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways to reach your consumer base. It is important to stay on top of the shifts within email marketing tactics and stay aware of your customers’ expectations:

Here are some tips to keep your email marketing efforts successful in 2016:

Mobile Compatibility

Over 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. This means that if your marketing emails are unreadable on these devices, you will be missing out on a large majority of your customers. If an email is not compatible with the customer’s device, they will not pay attention to your email even if they are interested in your company. Make sure that your emails will be able to provide the same impact to all of your customers regardless if they are viewing it on a desktop, cell phone, or tablet.

The Subject Line

What you choose to put in the subject line is crucial to a successful open rate. People are bombarded with emails everyday. Consumers will have a 7% increase of emails flooding their inboxes in 2016. Spend some time thinking about what will spark someone’s interest. Your subject line must be interesting enough to convince someone to stop scrolling and view your email.


Make sure you understand your customer. Personalization continues to be one of the most successful email strategies. Consumers are more likely to read an email when they feel like the content is more specifically tailored to them. The customer wants to feel like your business cares about them and their needs. This could be something as simple as entering a customer’s name into the headline of your email or sending them an exclusive offer on their birthday.

Keep It Short

Brevity is always your friend. With the continuing increase of emails being received, consumers are less likely to spend their time reading a long email. Your emails should be engaging and to the point. Try to get your message across with only the absolutely necessary details. We live in fast-paced world; not many people are going to spend their time reading a multi-paragraph email, regardless of the content.

Staying up to date with marketing trends and having an understanding of today’s consumer base will lead your business to success. These tips will help you grow your consumer base and keep your current customers engaged. Keep them in mind when launching your 2016 email marketing campaigns!

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