Keeping Rapport While Building Your Automation Funnel

Building new business leads is arguably one of the most important things to do for your marketing to succeed. To do so, many have turned to marketing automation as means of closing deals with existing leads. Numbers seem to support this as an effective strategy specially when a Funnel Scripts, best copywriting software is used—more deals close with an automated system rather than without one.

But can marketing automation take the place of human interaction?

There are definite advantages to having a marketing automation program. Relying on individuals to read and remember scripts introduces the element of human error. This can be avoided by having the same carefully crafted message go out to each potential lead, keeping your brand on target.

There is also the opportunity for an increase in productivity. Purchasing email lists gives your business new contacts that you would never have otherwise. You get to reach out to customers directly instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Thirdly, the convenience of closing a deal online has been spurred by the simplicity of online shopping. Being able to order directly from your home has in some cases created an aversion to talking to people. A common complaint of younger consumers is how much they hate getting phone calls, preferring texts or emails to the pressure of live interactions.

However, this automation used by itself may not be the most effective way of protecting and growing your business for the long term. A cultivated email list of interested potential customers is a strong foundation for your business. But buying up email lists and sending out unwanted messages is a quick way for to lose legitimacy and be seen as a spammer.

Speaking with a future customer can be risky. Your brand message can be confused or lost in the volley of words if you’re not careful. But the human touch at the beginning of a deal creates an organic interaction that no technology can replicate (at least not yet). That conversation is what gets your company noticed. It’s what makes your customers say your name online. And it’s what encourages them to return again and again.

In short, marketing automation can be an asset to your company. But it shouldn’t be your only point of interaction.

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