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As a student fresh out of my junior year of college, I was very aware of the All-Important -Summer- After- Junior-Year- Internship. I didn’t want just any internship though, I was looking for an experience which would give me excellent experience in marketing and allow me to get hands on with the company projects. So, after searching far and wide, I committed to the Marketing Internship here at the Mission Suite for the more personalized and dynamic real- world experience. As a part of such experience here at the Mission Suite, I will be imparting some pieces of my new found wisdom onto all of you. But let’s back up for a second:
Who am I?
I am originally a Seattle native, but am now currently working in the Mission Suite office here in San Diego for the summer. As I mentioned earlier, I will be starting my senior year and I am here at the Mission Suite to gain some invaluable experience with Marketing and lend a hand to the Mission Suite team.
What will I be blogging about?
Each week, I’ll be sharing the most interesting and pertinent stuff I’ve learned with all of you. You may be thinking “But what can a college kid teach me?” After just a few weeks at the Mission Suite, I’ve learned an entirely new way to think about CRM, how to create a social media marketing campaign from scratch, how to organically increase a brand’s social media network and how to network effectively when representing your company at a networking event. I’ve already developed my marketing experience a great deal, just imagine all the knowledge and experience I’ll be able to share by the end of the summer!
Why am I blogging in the first place?
I have always loved writing, and for a company whose mission it is to help your company change the world, it’s important to show how we can help get you there. What better way to do that than through a direct look into what we are doing for other companies already? It is my goal for this blog to give an inside look into the fantastic work that the Mission Suite is doing. If I can provide some useful tips and a fresh perspective, well, that’s even better.


I look forward to having you as an audience!



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