5 Ways to Make Your Automated Marketing Click

marketing automationAutomated marketing can be a tricky animal. On the one hand it can make your life easier by automating much of the minutiae of your marketing. On the other hand it can quickly make your marketing seem dated and stale if it’s not used very carefully.

So, how can you correctly implement automated marketing into your marketing workflow?

The first thing to realize is that automated marketing is a not a cure-all panacea. It can do amazing things for sure, but it requires attention to detail and a shrewd marketing behind the scenes. Marketing automation is capable of generating loads of valuable information, but that information might quickly overwhelm you if the proper groundwork isn’t laid first.

In this article we’ll examine some automated marketing best practices that will help you lay a great foundation for success with your future automated marketing.

1. Learn Your Platform 

There are many different marketing automation vendors available these days, and each one has different strengths and weaknesses. It is imperative to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of whatever platform you choose so that you understand how to maximize its effectiveness and utilize the information it presents.

2. Work Together 

Specifically work together with your sales team. In many small businesses marketing and sales are so intertwined that this isn’t asking much, but the two teams often still don’t see eye to eye. By involving your sales team in the automation process you can keep them informed about the project’s goals and the inner workings of the system so they know how to deal with the information they receive.

3. Build and Collect Templates 

Marketing automation provides an excellent opportunity to build and grow your brand. One of the easiest ways to do this is through building and collecting templates. You can build templates with third-party functionality (such as social networking) built right in, providing readers another chance to interact with your brand. Reusing layouts and branding elements builds familiarity with your readers and helps to build your brand recognition.

4. Have a System 

When implementing a new automated marketing system be sure to create and compile a simple and easily accessible document that will instruct your team on the most effective ways to use the system.

5. Train Everyone

Even with a great training document in place most people won’t be able to simply walk in to the office and start using a new system. Be sure to provide plenty of formal and informal training opportunities for your employees to learn the system. Implement standards for naming and other end-to-end information that might affect multiple departments. You want your employees to understand every aspect of the new system.


By following these best practices you will go a long way towards laying a great foundation for the future of your automated marketing. Proper training and planning of your automated marketing system will make your marketing simpler and more effective for many years to come.

If you have any questions about automated marketing best practices be sure to ask in the comments, and if we’ve forgotten anything feel free to add to the conversation below!

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