4 Ways You Need to Use Marketing Automation

marketing automationMarketing automation can seem a little daunting. It’s still very much a new technology, and a novel tool in many marketer’s arsenals. As with any marketing tool, automated marketing only works when the marketers behind it understand the most effective ways to use the tool.

Marketing experts have been analyzing the best ways to employ automated marketing in modern marketing campaigns, including email marketing automation, and they have made several interesting discoveries. By combining the expert analysis of two leading marketing automation providers we have determined some of the most effective ways to utilize automated marketing to reach your customers.

1. Use Ultra-Specific Customer Targeting 

According to a digital agency, modern marketing tools allow you to gather a wealth of information about your customers, and this information can be used to tailor your marketing for specific individuals. You no longer have to limit yourself to simple demographic information, it is now possible to gather detailed information about customer preferences covering nearly every aspect of their online behavior.

Marketing firm Jupiter Research compared non-targeted campaigns to targeted campaigns and discovered that targeted campaigns have a conversion rate nearly 400% higher than non-targeted campaigns.

2. Update You Email 

By now most people know that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools available, but did you know there are fairly easy, automated ways to make your email even more effective?

By setting triggered emails in response to certain customer actions performed on your site you can reengage a customer that may otherwise never have made a purchase, or simply remind them about your brand. Triggered messages have a click rate 119% higher than other messages, according to the DMA.

3. Nurture Leads to Conversion 

Automated marketing allows you to identify potential customers on your website and keep in touch with them until they’re ready to make a purchase. Most people that hit your website will simply be casual browsers, but they may be ready to make a purchase in the future. That’s why automated emails designed to nurture these leads are key to conversion.

These messages also allow you to gather interesting insights on the readiness of your leads, so that your sales team knows how to allocate their time most effectively.

4. Get Personal

Marketing automation doesn’t mean that your communications can’t still be personal and genuine. In fact, marketing automation allows you to deliver custom-tailored content through information gathering so that you can deliver information that your customers really want. This also provides businesses with an excellent chance to demonstrate their value by passing along valuable information to their customers before they ever even make a purchase. This can help grow your brand and solidify your relationship with your customers.


If you have any questions about using automated marketing in your business be sure to drop us a line in the comments. If you’re ready to discover what automated marketing can do for you and your bottom line, be sure to sign up for your free trial of The Mission Suite today!

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