The Modern Role of Email Marketing


It’s undeniable that social media and mobile marketing have started to cut out an ever growing segment of the digital advertising sphere. This growing popularity has caused many marketers to question whether these new platforms have supplanted the traditional web marketing king: email marketing.

While these new platforms undoubtedly have their role in every overall marketing strategy email marketing still remains king. The improvement on the map marketing inc profile solely lies testimony to that. Email is an excellent tool for supplying other modern marketing tools – such as CRM systems – with customer data, and it provides a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with your customers.
Although email might sound like an antiquated marketing tool amidst all the buzz about Big Data and other newer marketing tools, it turns out that it’s still the most effective means for small and medium-sized businesses to reach out and learn about their customers. Here are a few ways to do just that:

1. Build Your Data: Email gives businesses the chance to collect data about subscribers that will actually be useful in their marketing endeavors. There’s nothing worse than having a heap of data and nothing practical to do with it. Email lets you collect valuable information by tracking opens and clicks to better understand what your customers are looking for.

2. Test, Then Test Again: Your email subscriber list gives you the valuable opportunity to have a captive focus group. Of course every subscriber doesn’t have to respond, but you should still be able to test the waters effectively with those that do. This gives your business a great chance to try out new branding, messages, products, or anything else you can imagine.

3. Utilize All Angles: There’s really no shortage of choices when it comes to email these days. You can embed interactive content, graphics, movies, gifs, almost anything you can think of. Another great approach to take is to use your emails to drive people to your other marketing platforms, such as social media. You can also tailor content to consumers based on their geographic location (why not mention the weather?) or even based on their current step in the sales process.


Email remains such a valuable marketing tool not only because of its impact, but also because of its flexibility. There are just so many things you can do with email that you really can’t do with any other marketing platform. Social media and mobile marketing certainly have their place in the marketing hierarchy, but email will remain king for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions about making your email marketing more effective be sure to ask us in the comments. If you’re ready to make email work for you, then sign up for your free trial of Mission Suite today.


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