5 Ways to Increase Business with Inbound Marketing

inbound marketingThe fuel for growth of nearly every company in the world comes down to one thing: leads.

Every marketer and salesperson is searching for a way to increase the number of leads they have available, and they are constantly striving to find new ways to create and cultivate leads. Using EDDM USPS is a great way to market your business.

In recent years a new lead generation strategy has come to the forefront: inbound marketing. Inbound marketing focuses on drawing potential customers to your brand, and creating high-quality, inbound leads.

Here’s a few basic ways that your business can craft a winning inbound marketing strategy. Soon you’ll see leads rolling in with these strategies.

1. Use Data to Your Advantage 

This day and age you can gather seemingly limitless amounts of data on potential customers. Everything from social media to online surveys provide valuable information about prospective clients demographics, goals, business and objectives. You will use this data to create “buyer personas” that group customers by these metrics, you will then use these personas to craft a winning inbound marketing strategy.

2. SEO is Key 

A key part of inbound marketing is, shockingly, inbound traffic. You can only do so much with social media, so the crux of your strategy will be your website. No matter how pretty and new your website might be, it won’t do you any good unless it’s optimized for SEO. Audit your site and be sure that your keywords, URLs, headers, etc. are all in order. This will lay the foundation of a proper site that will get found by search engines and customers alike.

3. Make Visitors Comfortable 

Aside from optimizing your site for SEO, you must also make the entire experience as simple and convenient as possible for your customers. Your site is your store, so make it easy for customers to spend money. Provide the right information where necessary. Ensure that your customers know what you do and why. Provide FAQs, guides and other resources to piece the big picture together.

4. Know Your Audience

Successful bloggers know the power of suggesting related articles, and Amazon has made millions of dollars by getting to know its customers and suggesting items based on their history.

Take a page from one of the most successful online retailers in history and learn to target your audience. Use all of the information they give you in order to tailor custom results and suggestions for your clients.

5. Blog Often

Blogging can help fulfill nearly every one of these objectives. It gives your customers valuable information about your organization, it aids substantially in SEO, and it gives you a place to demonstrate your expertise.

The tools you need for a successful blog are all around you. Events, day-to-day operations, a guest post from experts inside your business – there’s almost no limit to the things you can blog about. Just be sure to do it consistently, and focus on quality content.


The key to inbound marketing is serving your clients. By providing interesting and valuable information you will attract new business to your brand, and build stronger and better leads.

If you have any questions about optimizing your business for inbound marketing, be sure to ask us in the comments. If you’d like to learn more about what inbound marketing can do for you, stay tuned to The Mission Suite blog!

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