Marketing Automation: Beyond the Basics

We’ve talked a lot about implementing marketing automation, and how it can help you find and nurture leads – but what else can marketing automation do for you?

By now we’re all aware that marketing automation is great for the sales and marketing process. It can help you find new leads, monitor your customers behaviors allowing you to tailor your marketing to your customers, and even make sales.

Yet any good marketer or salesperson knows that the job doesn’t end with the sale. A great businessperson will continue to build a relationship and establish trust so that that single sale can eventually lead to steady, long-term business. So, how can marketing automation help build you business beyond the sale.

1. Continue Collecting Information

Just because you’ve made the sale doesn’t mean your job is finished. You have already automated your emails, so obviously keep sending them. But, more importantly, continue collecting information and applying it to your knowledge of the customer. Simple things like click rates, website visits, or downloading assets from your website may be a perfect indicator that a past client is ready to buy again.

2. Consider Contextual Content

Have you ever visited and noticed that after you just purchased that new driver the site will recommend that you buy a nice club sock to go with it? That’s contextual content, and even though it won’t work for every business, it’s a very valuable tool for the businesses that can use it effectively.

3. Nurture Leads Beyond the Sale

A lead doesn’t stop being a lead just because you’ve completed the sale. Think about nurturing beyond the sale. With the correct configuration of your automated system this shouldn’t add much work. You should treat your existing customers in much the same way as prospective customers.

4. Gauge Your Success

You can use your marketing automation for monitoring more than customer behavior. Utilize your tools to monitor your successes, and failures. This way you can be constantly improving upon your content campaigns, and learn how to better interact with customers in the future.

So, once you mastered the basics of marketing automation, don’t forget that there’s  whole lot more that this wonderful tool is capable of. Sure, marketing automation is great for collecting and converting leads, but it can also be an amazing tool for continuing to drive business and staying in touch with customers for the long haul.

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