4 Trends Driving Email Marketing for 2014

Many analysts are predicting that 2014 will be, “the year that changes email marketing forever.” As technology and consumer behaviors continue to grow and evolve, it’s no surprise that email marketing must do the same. So, what trends will drive email marketing in the new year?

The List of One

Marketing has gradually been making a shift towards becoming more and more personalized. New tools available to marketers have allowed list segments to grow ever smaller and more targeted, which allows marketers to provide the most relevant content possible. In the coming year this ability will only continue to become more and more refined. New systems can derive incredibly detailed data from demographics, transactions, web behavior and much more. 2014 is the year of the individual consumer; now everyone is unique.


With this new influx of information allowing marketers to know so much about each individual, all content must become personalized. Emails can now be targeted by location, time, device, and much more. This will be a two way street, where marketers will utilize data to tailor emails while also continuously collecting data to refine their message further.

Be Creative

Content is still king in 2014. Now that Gmail is caching all content from emails, marketer’s images will finally be able to reach their customers unabated. This provides many new opportunities to the creative marketer in the coming year. Now marketing can even go beyond images, to video, music and any other media you can dream up. This should be an exciting new year for content.

The Email/Social Connection

Email and social media have gradually been fusing with each other, and this may just be the year that fusion comes to fruition. New developments in social media mean that your feed can appear right in an email, friends can see what emails you’ve opened and links you’ve shared. This will open up all sorts of new marketing opportunities utilizing social media and email marketing.

These four exciting trends will provide no shortage of exciting new opportunities for marketers in the coming year. As marketing trends toward the individual and technology rapidly changes, it is best to fall back on old best practices to provide a solid foundation for developing your new strategy.

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