3 Unexpected Secrets of Marketing Automation

marketing automation, lead generationWe’ve covered the basics of marketing automation before at The Mission Suite, but the field is constantly growing and evolving. Being such a young concept, many marketers are still discovering what drives success with marketing automation, an what dooms other initiatives to failure.

Today we’re going to dive a little deeper into marketing automation. We’re going to explore some of the cutting-edge, and unexpected, strategies that some marketers are now employing in order to drive success from their marketing automation.

Some of these “secrets” may seem surprising, while others may look familiar. At the end of the day, they are all tried-and-true strategies for success with automated marketing.

1. Don’t Stray from the Opt-In Campaign

This is one of those seemingly counter-intuitive strategies that pops up all the time in all kinds of marketing. Why would you ever want to ask a customer if they’d like out of your communications? Or why would you ask them if they want in in the first place? Well, many successful marketers and major studies have found that the opt-in is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers. But why?

To start with, cultivating an opt-in list means fostering a group of customers who will be engaged with your message. Opt-ins are more likely to open, click on and respond to emails compared to those who don’t opt-in. This kind of engagement increases customer satisfaction and respect for your brand. By engaging and communicating with opt-ins you will cultivate long-term, valuable customers who can act as brand ambassadors to others.

2. Try the “Fake Event”

This is a very bold strategy that originates from the “event management” side of marketing. The idea is that event management really isn’t even about events, it’s about getting people to register for those events.

This is where the boldness comes in. Some “cutting edge” marketers have started scheduling events that they know no one can ever attend. They use these events purely to collect data on new prospects, with no intention of ever actually hosting the event itself.

I’m not sure I’m really comfortable with this strategy, but you certainly have to give these marketers props for thinking outside the box.

3. Test, Then Test Again

Ah yes, testing. That age-old, time-honored tradition of any Internet marketer. Modern technology provides you with a wealth of information just waiting to be analyzed and acted upon. Some companies take this to an extreme, while others had a less stringent approach to testing. Only one things for sure, you must test.

So, these are some of the secret an not-so-secret strategies employed by todays top marketing automation experts. Some of them are fairly obvious, while some of them seem downright risky, but all have been proven effective in the real world.

What sort of secrets do you employ in your marketing automation? Have you had success with similar strategies, or do you do something entirely different? Let us know in the comments!

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