3 Tips for Email Marketing this Holiday Season

We have officially passed Thanksgiving, Black Friday is behind us, Cyber Monday is a thing of the past, and you all know what that means: holiday season is in full swing.

There may be no more important time of the year for most marketers than the 30 or so days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This quarter can make or break entire years for certain retailers and even many online businesses. As the eggnog starts flowing so too does the cash, and you want to be poised to take advantage of that increased cash flow.

In this article we’re going to take a look at some tried-and-true holiday marketing tips some of which also happen to be sound marketing all year round. Let’s see what we’ve got in store this holiday.

1. Your Mailing List is Your Foundation

Of course this is true all year long. Most good email marketers know that cultivating an excellent email list is of the utmost importance no matter the time of year. In fact, many marketers spend the majority of their time honing and crafting the perfect list of email recipients. So, by the time the holidays roll around, you should already have a very solid foundation laid.

If, for whatever reason, your list has been neglected, this should be your first priority. The holidays are an excellent time for list building and mending as opt-in promotions, such as giveaways and discounts, can be more effective than at any other time of the year.

2. Stay Focused

A lot of marketers will try and send out holiday email campaigns that attempt to focus on dozens of different products. While this may seem like an effective strategy, more often than not it ends up muddying your main message. Email readers have a very short attention span, so do your best to stay focused. Narrowing your reader’s attention to a few specific products will get you much further than advertising everything you have.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Into the Spirit

The holidays are the perfect time to spruce up your emails with some pictures, gifs, or even a video, celebrating this festive time of year. Don’t just stick with your sale tired old templates, get into the spirit and liven things up a bit. It’s very likely that your customers will respond with the same holiday fervor!

These are quick and simple tips for crafting an effective email marketing campaign this holiday season. As the season continues on, we’ll be sure to cover some more in-depth ways that you can be prepared to spread your marketing message this winter.

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