3 Marketing Automation Tips for New Adopters

marketing automation, sales“Marketing automation” might sound daunting, but it exists purely to make the lives of marketers and salespeople easier. However, as with any new technology, marketing automation is only useful if you know how to utilize it properly.

Today we’ll discuss a handful of simple tips that will help make marketing automation work for you. Just apply these simple suggestions to your marketing strategy and you’ll be amazed by the returns you’ll receive.

1: Gather Data, Test, and then Test Again

Any marketing automation system is only as useful as the data that’s put into it. A system into which every employee is entering all their information – such as lead data, email campaign data, marketing segment data – will in turn provide incredibly valuable information. This information can be used to target specific audiences, tailor a message, or even nurture a warming lead. The possibilities are incredibly valuable.

2: Custom Campaigns

With this data, you can decipher how your message is most effectively reaching your audience. This will allow you to tailor custom messages that reach your audience through the media they most commonly use. Not everyone will respond to a message delivered through email, but that same person might respond positively to a message delivered via Facebook. With the data gleaned from marketing automation, marketers can target their customers where their likelihood of success is highest.

3: Lead Ranking

Salespeople love this feature of email marketing. Not all leads are equal, so why should they be treated as such? Marketing automation will help you to determine the “hottest” leads, while putting the cooler leads on the back-burner. That way, you can focus on the customers that are ready to buy, while still maintaining contact with those who might be ready in the future. Never miss another lead, utilize marketing automation software to help manage your sales contacts.

As you can see, marketing automation is a give and take system. If you are willing to fully utilize the system to its utmost potential, it will reward you with incredibly valuable insights into your marketing and sales process. However, many companies fail to properly adopt new marketing automation systems, and thus they miss out on the benefit of the system entirely.

Keep these positive attributes of a well-managed marketing automation system in mind as motivation to use your system to its fullest. If you’ve had troubles or successes with a new marketing automation platform, let us know in the comments!

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