3 Tips for Success with Social CRM

This is the age of social media. More and more we see businesses interacting with consumers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and dozens of other sites. Social media is an incredibly powerful and fickle tool. We’ve seen amazing success stories and horrible missteps from some of the largest companies in the world. Of course, social media is an excellent and accessible tool for smaller businesses as well.

The accessibility of social media – the fact that it essentially costs nothing – is what makes it such a potent player in modern-day CRM. This aspect of social media allows all businesses, great and small, to participate and interact with a huge and constantly expanding network of contacts.

So, the real question is: how do I utilize those contacts, and how do I turn those contacts into sales? Let’s take a look at some tips from social media experts and see if we can’t figure it out.

1. Your CRM platform is of utmost importance

Ensure that you have a CRM platform that is conducive to engaging with customers of social media. “Select a comprehensive social media management platform with rich listening, monitoring and engagement capabilities,” says Meg Bear, of Oracle Social Cloud.

Your CRM solution should connect and communicate with all aspects of your business: sales, marketing and of course customer service. “It’s a customer-centric world,” says Bear. So put your customer at the center of your world.

2. Make sure you know what you’re doing

As I mentioned earlier, many companies have had amazing success with social media, but just as many companies have been unprepared and have fallen on their faces in the social media sphere. Before you begin an aggressive social media campaign, be sure that you are prepared. Successful marketers and PR pros might simply not be prepared for the challenges of social media, so make sure that your team is well-equipped, or you may do more harm than good.

3. Identify your influencers

“Influencers” are those people that will have an impact on the audience you are trying to reach with your social media. You can utilize tools built into your CRM platform to identify these people and how they drive conversation and engagement on the various social media platforms. Then, reach out to these customers and continue to build a strong relationship with them.

These three tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media and CRM. Tomorrow we’ll cover some additional suggestions. If you have any tips or proven strategies for social CRM that have worked for you, be sure to drop us a line in the comments. We always want to hear from you!

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