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email-arrowWhen sending email to customers, you are engaging them in a conversation. You can ask for a response in lots of ways. Here’s a few tips to keep the conversation flowing.

Make Shopping Social

The Internet is social: people are constantly posting their status updates, their photos, and checking out what everyone else is saying about themselves. Harness that connectivity by encouraging your customers to bring their friends to your site.

  • Offer buy-one-get-one codes for separate email addresses or Facebook profiles.
  • Offer tiered percentages off for inviting friends to Like on Facebook, as recently done by water bottle company Hydro Flask.
  • Run online-only ‘events,’ just like in-store events, such as a contest or a ‘blue light special’ where some products are deeply discounted for an hour only. Promote the event on your website and social media pages, offer codes through email sign-up, encourage urgency by limiting sign-up.

Social Media Integration

Your email marketing campaign doesn’t exist in a vacuum: an affordable, effective software for e-mail marketing package like Mission Suite can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages with your email marketing campaign. This means your ESP can track your customers across your social media pages and build a database of profiles so you can better target your marketing efforts. This will help you send the right message, split your list appropriately, and tailor your message’s format.

Social media integration also extends the reach of your message, so you don’t sound too one-dimensional. The more outlets of your message, the more diverse your audience.

Ask for Follows

Start encouraging interaction in email by asking for follows and Likes. Place buttons to social media in all emails, including transactional emails, as well as linked text for readers who have images turned off.

Don’t just place the buttons — remind readers they’re there with a call to action in each email. Phrases “Like us on Facebook,” “Tweet your purchase” will significantly raise your click-through rates.

Email and Blogging, Together Again

Funny thing about kids these days: they love to talk online about what matters to them. 20-somethings have blogs, and they are savvy about how to attract followers. So harness that audience by directly asking your customers for a review.

In your transactional emails, include buttons or a widget that allows users to Share their purchase on major social networking outlets. About a week after the purchase has been completed, simply ask them to post a short review on their blogs.

Finally: Be Friendly

When encouraging interaction with customers, tricks and tactics won’t fly if your customers perceive your brand as austere, unfriendly, or worse: corrupt.

  • Be accessible. Put your customer service phone number, chat link, and email address on the top right corner of your website, an accessible place on your social media sites, and at the bottom of all transactional emails.
  • Make the links to unsubscribe from the newsletter and view the web version clear and easy to find.
  • Respond promptly to all email inquiries and be sure you’re addressing the issue actually stated in the email. Don’t upsell until the customer’s concern is fully addressed, and use a soft sell approach in transactional email.
  • Make sure your email newsletters look professional, attractive, and scannable on any device or computer on which the customer may view them. Test them across devices, check your code, and don’t rely on multimedia. Broken emails mean an unreliable brand (i.e., a scammer).

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