Marketing Automation Has a Bright Future

sales funnel, marketing automationMarketing Automation seems to be the hot topic everywhere lately, and for good reason. As new technologies and growing Internet markets increasingly make lead gathering and sales a quantity game, the average marketer and salesperson often struggle to keep up.

Marketing has rapidly evolved from the “traditional” system of creating and displaying an ad campaign with the hope that customers stumble onto it. Now marketers must create loads of informative and engaging content that are targeted at specific groups and tailored to appear whenever a potential customer is searching for a related product or service.

While this new style of marketing can put a serious strain on marketers there are some benefits. For one, these new systems allow for highly detailed tracking and analysis of customer behavior and consumer responses to ad campaigns. This is where marketing automation really comes into play.

There are currently dozens of different marketing automation platforms currently being used by all sorts of companies –from the smallest startup to the largest corporation – in order to streamline their marketing while also receiving detailed feed back from their campaigns.

Considering that marketing automation has only recently come to the forefront, the vast majority of businesses have yet to implement a fully fledged marketing automation system. This means that there is still substantial room for marketing automation to grow in the near future, and hopefully as more and more businesses begin to adopt marketing automation, the systems themselves will evolve and grow to become even more effective.

The immaturity of marketing automation could explain why one study found that marketing automation is the 7th most effective marketing tactic while also being the 3rd hardest to use. Those stats don’t seem to bode well, but the reality is that any new technology will be initially met with resistance. As more and more marketers familiarize themselves with marketing automation and more companies begin to adopt it, I would be shocked if those numbers don’t begin to shift dramatically.

The reality is that in today’s markets content marketing and other kinds of inbound marketing are necessary. These new types of marketing are not always easy, especially for marketers that are entrenched in more traditional styles of marketing. But that is why marketing automation exist, to help shoulder some of the burden.

The simple fact is that marketing has changed, and marketers will need to evolve with it, or face the consequences. The important human aspects of marketing – creativity, personality, brand and culture building – are all more important than ever, and a good marketer will still make a good marketer. The only difference is that now there is just so much more to marketing than ever before. So, now is the time to implement a marketing automation plan, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, and you can focus your brainpower on the tasks where it will really have an impact.

How has marketing automation affected your workflow, and what capabilities would you like to see implemented in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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