Marketing Automation and Sales: A Helping Hand

uparrowWe talk a lot about marketing here at the Mission Suite – after all, this is a marketing blog – but marketing can’t exist in a vacuum, it has an end game, and that end game is sales. So today we’re going to change tact slightly and discuss how marketing automation can help sales teams in businesses of all sizes perform more efficiently and effectively in their day to day tasks.

If you haven’t worked in sales it can be very difficult to understand exactly what the day to day job of a salesperson entails. There are dozens of client and product variables, all constantly shifting and changing from day to day. There are new leads, dead leads, hot leads, cold leads – sometimes more leads than you can count. There are emails to be sent, phone calls to be made, and if you’re a great salesperson you’re trying to manage all of this while being authentic, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients.

With all of this hectic activity going on it seems like nearly every salesperson would need a personal assistant. Obviously this would be terribly cost-prohibitive in the past, but today there is another option: marketing automation.

Marketing automation is becoming increasingly popular among salespeople for its ability to simplify the lead gather and nurturing process. An effective marketing automation is a very near analog to a personal assistant, compiling reports, managing contacts, and even crafting emails to stay in touch with your leads.

An effective marketing automation system on the sales side will have a few distinct characteristics. Each day it should compile reports of new prospects based on website hits or opt-in emails addresses, this allows you to hit the ground running at the start of your day. Some systems will even have the ability to identify the “hottest” leads by monitoring web traffic and other factors. Many systems will also have integrated Customer Relationship Management the will “automatically” nurture leads using things like automated email and automated responses. Perhaps most beneficial to salespeople is the ability to track the history of contacts, all the way from prospect to sale.

Marketing automation is an amazing new tool that can be utilized throughout the branding and sales process to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Not only will your marketing department love the tools, but salespeople will also benefit greatly as well.

Marketing automation is an excellent way to streamline and enhance your sales process. Have you had success with implementing marketing automation into your business strategy? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

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