Making Time for Email Marketing

timeThere are an awful lot of suggestions out there on the Net about how to create quality email marketing content. But for many small businesses – and even some large ones – employees are constantly pulled in dozens of different directions and struggle to simply find the time to create an email marketing strategy.

In this article we’re going to discuss some of the reasons that companies will procrastinate, get behind schedule and sometimes even give up on email marketing altogether.


            Procrastination within a company normally stems from one of three main reasons: the company is afraid of seeming “spammy”, no one in the company is confident creating content, or past email campaigns have been failures. While it is very understandable that some businesses would be apprehensive to pursue email marketing further in these circumstances, if they choose to forego it entirely they are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Email has been shown to have one of the single best returns on investment (ROI) in marketing today. We’ve discussed email’s almost unbelievably high ROI in the past, and a new study from Marketing Sherpa reaffirms email’s value.

Breaking Down the Barrier

            Procrastination can feel like an insurmountable wall, all of the reasons you’ve built up in your head hang in front of you like an impenetrable barrier. Well, it’s time to buck up and tear down that wall. Here’s how.

Own your excuses: Whether it’s the fear of sending spam, a lack of talented copywriters, or the fear of another failed campaign the next step is always the same: accept the reason you’ve been ignoring email marketing and address it.

No more ‘Buts’: Buts are just another name for excuses. Sure, there’s a chance that things go horribly awry, or maybe your time could be better spent elsewhere. But every week hundreds of small businesses miss out on highly profitable projects because of tiny fears that become ‘buts’.

Set specific, attainable goals: Start small. Breaking through the ‘buts’ and other lingering doubts starts with one solid accomplishment. Then you build on that, and build on that and soon enough you’ve forgotten all about the reasons you were scared to try in the first place.

Know what you’re missing: Email marketing is far too valuable to be left untouched. If done right it will change the way that your company does business and you will see an increase in sales and customer engagement. Doing it right takes practice, and practice takes starting somewhere.

It takes some effort to break through the road block of procrastination and get started with your email marketing efforts. However, the reward is more than worth the risk and a well-executed email campaign will benefit your business for months and years to come.

How do you make time for the important things in today’s fast-paced business environment? We’d love to hear any tips, tricks and recommendations you have in the comments below.


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