eCommerce and Inbound Marketing: Finding the Sweet Spot

inbound marketingGone are the days when coupons, special offers or reduced shipping costs could really set your web shop apart from the competition. So how can your eCommerce site continue to stand out in this new uber- competitive marketplace?

Of course, you have to be an internet retailer, not a drop shipper, but more than that, you need inbound marketing. This article will discuss how inbound marketing can be utilized to set your eCommerce shop apart from the competition through excellent marketing and competent inbound marketing practices.

So what is inbound marketing?

It can be tough to put a finger on what exactly inbound marketing is. Some people will say it’s a mixture of blogging, social media, and SEO. Others will claim it’s not much different than content marketing.

The fact is that all of these people are right. Inbound marketing exists at the intersection of your marketing tactics, strategy and the way that these are implemented to broadcast your brand.

What does an inbound marketing strategy look like?

Inbound marketing, at a basic level, focuses primarily on providing information to those people that are looking for it. That might sound self-explanatory, but the real goal of inbound marketing is to help people get the answers or help they’re looking for, and making them aware that you are there to provide it for them.

This is the opposite of “traditional” marketing such as TV ads and print ads. It is non-intrusive, engaging and most of all it’s helpful.

The tactics of inbound marketing

The primary tools of email marketing stem from “new” advertising methods: SEO, blogging, email, social media, etc. All of these strategies must be employed with the helping concept of inbound marketing in mind. Beyond that, it is a best practice to ensure that all of these different platforms function together seamlessly –  complementing their strengths and shoring up their weaknesses.

Cultivating inbound marketing

One of the more unique aspects of inbound marketing is that it goes above and beyond the actual tactics and techniques employed. To be truly successful in inbound marketing your brand must cultivate a distinct culture that is readily apparent in your marketing. This is much easier for small businesses than larger ones, but it is equally important for both.

This is a facet of inbound marketing that must get every member of your business involved, from the mail room worker to the CEO. It will define who you are as a brand and will draw people to your marketing.


This is a very brief overview of the idea of inbound marketing, and we could talk for days and days about the ins and outs of the inbound marketing concept. Stay tuned to the Mission Suite as we continue to delve deeper into this fascinating, important and altogether new way of marketing.

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