What is Email Marketing and Why is It So Important?

what is email marketingWhat is email marketing? Email marketing is the now long-established practice of sending emails to a set of people on a list with the aim of selling them a product or service, or building a brand. The main aims of email marketing should be to build rapport, establish trust, and increase engagement and brand awareness.

So why is email marketing so important? Email marketing has the longest track record of almost any web advertising platform, with almost two decades of success to support its value. However, recently many advertisers have started to question the viability of email marketing.

As email providers enhance spam filters and target junk mail, many vocal doubters of email marketing will say that it simply no longer finds its target. They say that email sent by a brand will invariably end up in the trash. But this outcome normally results not from the platform, but from the choices made by the sender.

After analyzing the information below you’ll no longer ask yourself what is email marketing? In fact it won’t be long until you’ll find yourself a staunch believer in the value of email as a marketing platform.

1. Email is Incredibly Cost-Effective

When it boils right down to it, email is cheap. “Traditional” printed direct-mail campaigns can cost several thousand dollars, even for a small mailing list. Email – on the other hand – costs less than pennies per email sent. Also, email marketing can easily target specific clients. This allows you to only target specific customers you know will be interested in what you have to say.

This customization and targeting allows you the freedom to build your brand’s reputation and loyalty by providing insightful, useful, creative and engaging content that will keep your readers interested and coming back for more.

2. Email Allows You to Track Metrics

You might be asking what is a metric? Well, one of the most important aspects of email marketing is the ability to gather data on your campaigns. This data is referred to as “metrics.”

These days metrics are king. This data will allow you to gauge what’s working on your campaign, and what’s not. It will allow you to target specific demographics with customized emails for better results. It will allow you to see which customers have opened, clicked and forwarded emails, and so much more! It’s not hard to see how this kind of information would be invaluable to a savvy email marketer.

3. Email is Immediate

This perk is sort of a corollary of the first two perks. The immediacy of email over alternatives like print mail means that not only is the information instantly available to readers, but the data that’s returned is also immediately available to marketers.

This immediacy allows email campaigns to stay topical and relevant. It also allows you to quickly tailor the next round of emails utilizing the metrics received from the most recent batch. Then – being careful not to flood subscriber’s inboxes – you can quickly send another email custom-made in response to the metrics you’ve garnered.

This allows email to be a two-way street. The savvy marketer will always be both sending and receiving information through an email campaign. Then tweaking and updating the campaign in response to that information. This keeps email interesting and keeps readers engaged.

Now the next time someone asks, “what is email marketing?” Not only will you have an answer to their question, but you will also be able to explain why it remains such an important tool in the marketer’s arsenal.

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