Marketing with Email Software: Crafting Compelling Content

Postman rivalery - Mail deliveryWhen marketing with email software it might seem like the program will do almost everything for you. It analyzes metrics, runs schedulers, manages list, etc. There really isn’t much that marketing with email software can’t do. So where does this leave you, the savvy, dedicated marketer?

While it might seem like email software has relegated you to the sideline, in fact it is freeing you up to focus on the more important aspects of marketing with email software: creativity and customer engagement. These are the human aspects of marketing with email that will set your campaign apart from all the rest and make your messages stand out in consumer’s inboxes.

This can all be rather daunting for inexperienced email marketers. Luckily many people have gone before you and laid a solid foundation on which you can build your campaign. Just remember, creativity and engagement are the name of the game. Just think about what you might like to discover in an email in your inbox.

Let’s take a look at some simple tips for crafting interesting content when marketing with email software:

Remain Relevant

No one in this fast-paced, high-tech world has time to waste, so make sure that your message is relevant to the reader. Dynamic name tags are a common way of doing this, but they’re everywhere now and simply don’t go far enough.

Instead, take some time in your email marketing to explain how you know each other, why the customer is receiving the email, and what you have to offer them. Did they fill out a form on your site? Download a pamphlet? Mention that and explain that you would like to offer follow-up advice. A little personalization goes a long way when marketing with email software.

Write Using the Second Person

Here’s a very simple and straightforward tip for gearing the message more towards the reader. Using words like “you” in place of “we” or “I” engage the reader more effectively and make it appear as if your marketing email is actually intended for them.

Your brand is the center of your email marketing, but it should always feel like it’s the customer.

Focus on Benefits, Not Features

All to often when marketing with email software marketers will fall back on old, overused templates that tout the features of their brand or product. But more often than not these feature lists fail to mention any of the actual benefits.

Be sure not to focus solely on what you offer but more on why consumers need it. When writing copy for marketing email you must remember to always focus on the value you can give to the customer.

Brief is Best

We’ve mentioned this important tip before, but it is so important that it bears repeating.

You have, at best, just a few seconds to make an impact on a reader between when they open an email and click the delete button. When writing marketing email you must be brief, focused, and concise.

Find a quick and simple way to express the value that your brand can provide and stick to that. The more long-winded your marketing email becomes the less likely anyone is to read it.

We talk a lot about content creation tips for marketing with email and marketing with email software here at the Mission Suite because content is king. As Email marketing software takes more of the busy work off the shoulders of marketers the focus becomes creating quality content. So go and create, engage and focus on keeping things short and sweet.

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