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E-mail Marketing ImageEmail marketing is still one of the most effective tools available to marketers today. Despite recent uproars about Gmail’s new inbox, the inundation of emails that readers are flooded with, and other problems that require solutions, perhaps the most common problem with email campaigns is that they lack creativity and a clear cut strategy. Here are some straightforward solutions that will solve your email dilemma and help you create a concise and impactful email campaign.

1. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid (Not you of course!)

So many emails sent by businesses are long-winded and full of far too much information. A simple solution for this is to remember the acronym KISS. Keep things simple, concise and straight to the point. The email needs to be impactful, the solution for this is to keep it short and focused. Some of the most successful marketing emails are one sentence long. Brevity is the name of the game here, don’t include your brand’s entire history and future goals. Include a simple call to action and a short and sweet message about your product. Keep it simple.

2. Surprising Information

Keeping things simple is just one email solution, but it doesn’t mean that the message can’t be interesting! Another solution for boring email is to include an interesting fact or tidbit of information. Know an interesting bit of trivia relevant to your trade? Include it. Maybe you’ve stumbled on some relevant insight from new data that you feel has given you an edge. Share it with your list! Interesting, insightful information is engaging and valuable, and people will want to keep coming back for more.

3. Provide Industry Insights

In the same way that relevant blog posts, statistics and articles are all very important parts of a solid social media campaign they can also be a solution to boring, misguided emails. By providing interesting links to relevant articles you are providing your clients with valuable information they may not have found elsewhere. This doesn’t even need to be content created by you. Linking to industry leaders and experts shows that you are constantly trying to stay one step ahead. This adds value to your email and is the perfect solution to boring emails with irrelevant and tired content. Remember, value will keep your readers coming back for more.

4. The Ever-Present FAQ

There’s a good reason that you can find an FAQ on almost every website on the Internet. They are a great solution for remedying many common issues and, well, frequently asked questions. If a majority of users are asking the same questions it probably means the answer is of broad interest. So why not use this tool as a solution to get one step ahead of the questions? Send an email with the FAQs you commonly receive, chances are that you’ll be answering some questions that haven’t even been asked yet. FAQs are also a valuable solution to have for when questions do arise; say a new client has some questions answered in the FAQ, the FAQ can be mailed off in no time, making your business look organized and helping your client in the process!

An email marketing campaign is only as effective as the content it contains. So make sure your email marketing solutions focus on delivering quality, relevant content that has value to your reader. By giving value to your readers you will ensure that they keep coming back for more.

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