Email Advertising: Stimulate Your Creativity

email advertisingThere’s always a lot of talk about the importance of creativity in email advertising. Boring emails are met with few opens, low click-through rates, and consistently low forwards, while emails with a little spark and excitement constantly garner impressive reactions from consumers. But being creative isn’t always easy – sometimes the creative well feels as if it’s run dry. It’s easy to become stuck in a rut and start pushing the same tired old emails as everyone else.

So how can you avoid these creative doldrums? There’s a few easy email advertising specific tips that will help you continue to write creative engaging content even when your creativity seems exhausted. Some of these are so simple that it’s no surprise they’re often overlooked:

Check the Calendar

This may sound so simple as to almost be insulting, but there’s a wealth of exciting email advertising ideas hidden in your calendar. There’s a whole host of interesting holidays (even just in the US) and even more if you look internationally. Use your datebook and start tailoring emails based on important dates. The emails will feel personalized and considerate even if all you had to do was glance at your calendar.

Listen to Customers

We preach engagement a lot here, and this is just one more time it can be a valuable tool. If you are out of ideas for your next email advertising campaign just talk to a customer! There’s a good chance they have some problem or opinion that is not limited solely to them. Try to come up with a solution to the problem and incorporate it into your next campaign. Now you’re staying engaged and being creative.

Watch the News

This might seem silly on the surface, but any little bit of personalization in what is normally the very bland and impersonal field of email advertising can go a very long way. Staying abreast of the latest news will not only make you an agile and flexible marketer and businessperson, but it will also let you tailor your email advertising to match recent newsworthy events.

Check the Weather

This might not apply to your email advertising if you sell software, but if you sell seasonal goods then staying on top of the weather can be a huge help. Not only does it add a touch of personalization, but it prevents unfortunate mishaps and wasted sends. There’s no sense in marketing umbrellas to drought-plagued Texas, or BBQs to an unseasonably frigid NYC. The weather still affects our lives and it should impact your marketing.

 Subscribe to Competitor’s Lists

This one seems obvious, but a lot of good marketers fail to do it. Whether it’s because of pride or some sense of independence a lot of marketers won’t subscribe to competitor’s lists. How else are you going to stay on top of what your rivals are up to? Not only that, but you can often glean some good ideas and quality inspiration from your competitor’s email advertising. They have good people on their side working (almost) as hard as you, so don’t be ashamed to pick up a few pointers.

It can be hard to keep coming up with fresh, exciting content for email advertising. But it is so important to the success of a campaign that the hard work is worth it. Hopefully this list of quick and easy tips will help light your creative spark and keep your email advertising creative, engaging, and ultimately successful.

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