E-Mail Marketing Services or Software: What’s Right for You?

Email Marketing imageDetermining whether to purchase e-mail marketing software, or to invest in the services of an e-mail marketing professional to both create and distribute material on your behalf is a daunting decision; luckily we’re here to help.

E-mail Marketing Software

Purchasing e-mail marketing software can be a somewhat laborious process compared to e-mail marketing services. After you’ve done the difficult work of deciding upon a specific software you are then left with the daunting challenge of installing the software on computers, troubleshooting bugs and configuring the install.

However, once all of this is accomplished you will have a very robust and powerful tool for e-mail marketing at your disposal. You will be able to create attractive templates, manage lists, target specific audiences and of course send the actual e-mails to their designated recipients.

Most quality e-mail marketing software will also give you a substantial amount of information on important metrics such as opens, click-throughs, sales, etc.

Once you are through with the installation process e-mail marketing software really shines and is a very powerful tool. However, as with any e-mail marketing, you must be sure to follow some basic rules to ensure that your hard work doesn’t end up in the spam pile.

E-mail Marketing Services

E-mail marketing services will let you begin sending e-mails immediately, without worrying about all of the technical issues associated with software. E-mail marketing services tend to offer a wide variety of templates and other options for your e-mail campaign. They also offer services such as recipient management, e-mail scheduling, content editing, and the ever-important metric tracking.

Quality e-mail marketing services operate at very high speeds and deliver excellent, informative reports very quickly. They are normally accessed via a web browser and help to relieve some of the strain from marketers.

The Third Option: Web-Based E-mail Applications

Don’t want the technical hassle of e-mail software, or the costs and loss of creative control associated with e-mail marketing services? Try the third option: web-based e-mail applications.

A web-based application will be accessed through your browser – just like e-mail marketing services – so you avoid all of the technical issues associated with installed software. However, web-based e-mail applications will still you allow full control over your content, creativity, lists, recipients, and metrics just like an installed e-mail software.

Unless you are specifically searching for someone to help with the load of creating and managing e-mails, then a web-based application just might be the best of both worlds; the power of software and the ease-of-use of an e-mail marketing service.

Ultimately, like so many important things, the decision will be up to you. Decide what’s most important to you, then settle on a budget. Next, examine your options – all of your options – and make an educated decision whether e-mail marketing software, e-mail marketing services, or a web-based e-mail marketing application would best serve your needs.

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