Do You Need Software for Email Marketing?

software for email marketingSo, after reading numerous articles espousing the value of email marketing, your small business has decided to make a major push at formulating an email marketing strategy. Depending on the size and scope of your list you might be able to handle it yourself utilizing a few simple Gmail or Outlook tools. You’ll be able to get the emails out, and receive whatever replies come back, but that’s about the end of that story. To really get the most out of email marketing you’re going to need some software.

Email marketing software – whether it’s on your hard drive or “in the cloud” through an SaaS provider – opens up the real value of email marketing. Software will allow you to access important metrics that will help determine the success of current campaigns and the direction of future ones. These metrics are so important in monitoring the health of your campaign that we’ve already discussed them in a separate article.

Metrics allow you to tailor and target your email campaign to ensure that your audience stays engaged and keeps coming back for more. Without a solid software for email marketing you would have no access to these valuable tools.

Another issue many growing companies will face is that as they grow, their list also continues to grow. Eventually the standard freely available tools are unable to handle the volume and some kind of software for email marketing becomes necessary.

Most software for email marketing comes with a large suite of valuable tools. Many platforms offer email schedulers, coupon campaign management, event registration and management, social media integration, and the aforementioned metrics and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

As your list continues to grow your brand might also want to begin targeting specific audiences within that list. Software for email marketing will allow you to easily segment your list into specific groups so that you can tailor and target emails more effectively.

Improved communication is another enhanced feature included in most software for email marketing. Engagement and communication with customers is one of the hallmarks of effective email marketing. Extensive automation tools and scheduling features included in software packages ensure that your communications are timely and relevant while staying personal and effective.

As your brand’s list and marketing initiatives continue to grow in both size and complexity you will become increasingly more thankful for the streamlined efficiency that software for email marketing affords you. Handling thousands or even tens of thousands of emails manually is a daunting and often nearly impossible task. Software for email marketing makes your already difficult job just a little bit easier.

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