Choosing the Right Software for Email Marketing

software email marketingSo your business is growing. You’re adding dozens of people to your list a day. You’re churning out great content and amazing copy. Things are going well, but they’re getting a little out of hand. That’s where software for email marketing comes in. You already have enough on your plate worrying about content creation, copywriting and list management, the last thing you should be worried about is the actual distribution of your emails.

The right software for email marketing will take care of this final step, and even go above and beyond that by returning the ever-valuable data that savvy marketers crave.

So you’ve decided it’s time to get some email marketing software. Where do you start? How do you make a choice between dozens, if not hundreds, of viable options? Here’s a few simple facts and tips to help you analyze and decide what software is right for you.

Online or Standalone?

Much of the software for email marketing can be broken down into two specific categories: web-based and standalone. Standalone software tends to be more “powerful” but these days is really only necessary for massive lists or incredibly detailed analytics.

Cloud based software is based online, so it is constantly accessible from any computer or device. This allows the user to manage a campaign from almost anywhere. Cloud software tends to be more affordable as well, and also won’t take up any space on your computer, or ever run into compatibility issues.

Evaluate your needs and decide which platform will best serve you.

Feature Sets

Obviously the features included in you software for email marketing are going to be of utmost importance. Here are some of the basic features any solid email marketing software should have:

–       The ability to easily manage subscriber lists

–       Targeted emails: for example, you should be able to separate subscribers into groups and send messages only to specific groups

–       Simple subscription and un-subscription management

–       Provides detailed metrics and statistics such as: open ratio, click-throughs, clicks leading to sales, unsubscribes, etc.

–       Bonuses: workflow management, email templates, auto-generated reports


This is the big one, and the one that is the most personal decision based on the needs of your business. Before you even begin looking, set a budget for yourself. Then start exploring your options.

Be sure to take special care when evaluating the pricing models for email marketing software. Some platforms charge by the email while some charge a flat fee.

Once you’ve found a software for email marketing that you think fits your needs and your budget, do some independent research. Read some reviews, an FAQ, even chat with the company.

When it comes to choosing software for email marketing the decision is ultimately up to you. Do your due diligence, know what you need and know what your budgetary constraints are. There’s an email marketing software out there that’s perfect for you, you just have to go and find it.

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