Your Email Campaign Needs A Mobile Strategy

Email campaign imageIt’s a fact of life these days, nearly everyone in America – and soon the world – will have a cellular device of some kind on their person, nearly all of the time. Walking down the street it’s impossible not to find every third or fourth person with their noses buried in that little illuminated screen. So much of the media and information that the average person consumes is delivered through a smartphone or tablet that email marketers would be remiss not to take them into consideration; this is why your email campaign needs a mobile strategy.

According to a study released by Nomad Device Lab, out of 2.3 billion regular Internet users in the world, 1.2 billion access it through a mobile device. Tech firm Cisco reports that in 2012 mobile data traffic across the globe grew an astonishing 70% and estimates that by 2017 data exchanged over mobile devices will exceed a mind-boggling 10 exabytes per month.

Managing an email campaign for mobile comes with its own set of pitfalls and problems, but there is no avoiding the necessity of marketing for mobile. So how does the responsible marketer manage to create an email campaign that will be functional and attractive on both desktop and mobile devices?

A few simple tips will go a long way towards getting your email campaign mobile ready:

Use CSS to your advantage

Many email campaigns have been foiled by the dreaded formatting issues that occur when an email is forced to be translated to a mobile device. The most beautiful, well-planned layouts become an unreadable mishmash of text and images when confined to the tiny area and strange aspect ratios of a mobile screen. But now there is a simple and effective way to avoid this issue: responsive design.

Responsive design is relatively simple CSS code that allows your emails to adjust to the size of the device that they are being viewed on. This prevents annoying issues with small text, the need to zoom in, the hassle of searching through small chunks of zoomed in emails, accidentally tapping links, and the myriad other problems that a miniaturized email might cause. An email campaign needs to get its message across clearly and effectively, and make the information easy to access for the reader. Responsive design ensures that this is possible.

Minimize columns for mobile readability

A good marketer will also ensure that the layout of the emails sent through their email campaign is simple and effective. An easy way to do this is to use a one-column layout. Responsive design will allow you to use multiple columns and still render them effective, but on smaller devices like phones a one column layout is clean and clear.

Mobile design is just different

Make sure links in your email campaign are bold, easy to read, and most importantly of all easy to tap with a clumsy finger. Use fewer images and make sure they are striking and immediately communicate your message, but try to avoid embedding them and using up all of the reader’s mobile data. Also, use sans-serif fonts, the less ornate fonts are simpler and easier to read on mobile devices, and the message is the most important part of any email campaign!

By following these simple steps your email campaign will be mobile friendly and ready to be read on the billions of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that are taking the world by storm.

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