The Power of the Direct Mail Email

Direct Mail Email ImageGone are the days when direct mail email was the hot, new, cutting-edge way to deliver information about your brand and business to customers. Direct mail email has become routine, expected and –more often than not it seems – downright boring. Hip newcomers to the digital marketing scene such as social media and mobile marketing are all the rage. But direct mail email is far from dead, and in fact has been made more powerful and relevant than ever thanks to social media. How, you ask?

Social media is social, obviously, but only on the most massive imaginable scale. Direct mail email, on the other hand, takes your brand’s message to a much more individualized and personal space: the inbox. Direct mail email provides you with the most direct and efficient way to turn communications into sales; and that’s the reason the savviest of marketers don’t have any plans to abandon email any time soon.

Direct mail email also boasts an astounding return on investment, with some estimates placing direct mail email ROI at nearly 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association). With the low costs and high reward of direct mail email marketing it’s almost impossible to overlook.

So what makes direct mail email work? Content. Not just any content, but high-value, informational content. You are asking for a piece of your consumer’s valuable time, so make sure that your direct mail email provides them with value as well. Don’t flood your subscriber’s inboxes with cheap pitches or annoying spam, give them something to think about; prove your value.

Strong, successful email content will quickly and effectively enhance your relationship with your subscribers by taking advantage of carefully crafted subject lines, a passionate voice, and delivering high-quality, share-worthy content that your readers will want to pass on to others, spreading your message even farther.

You know what you would like to see in a direct mail email campaign, so give the same thing back to your readers. You are an expert in your field, so be sure to demonstrate that expertise with direct mail email that delivers the utmost quality and niche specific content. Your expertise will keep readers coming back to your direct mail email for more information, and allow you even more opportunities to espouse the virtues of your business and grow your brand.

Many naysayers doubt the effectiveness of direct mail email, but the numbers speak for themselves. If you are looking for remarkable ROI, enhanced subscriber engagement, and a low cost, high reward option for your online marketing then direct mail email marketing is really the only logical choice.

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