How to Use Email to Drive Traffic to Your Site

112_6_5_13449890Reading the email is almost never the final step you want your customers to take with your marketing campaign email: you want your customer to react to the information you just sent to their inbox. If you’re goal is to drive traffic to your site, your calls to action may look something like:

  • Buy now.
  • View the product demo.
  • View multimedia, such as a video, slide show, or music.
  • Like, Tweet, or post on the message board.

To facilitate driving more traffic to your site, consider these tips:

Make Getting There Easy

  • Link all images back to your site.
  • Link to your website with buttons and/or linked text at the bottom of all transactional emails.
  • Use a call to action with every text block. Readers should know what to do after they finish reading.
  • Make sure the links are specific and logical. If your reader has finished reading a product release and clicks “Find out more,” do they want your homepage, or go to that product’s purchase page? Confusing links look sloppy and scammy.

Pique Curiosity

  • Instead of putting the whole story in the email, write a few enticing sentences, then end the paragraph with the tempting phrase “read more.”
  • Link to videos with a screen capture of the video player. (This is the most reliable way to send multimedia with the current technology, anyway.)
  • Use a two-column format with lots of headlines that link to full articles. Use provocative phrases that ask questions readers to which readers want the answers.

The curiosity angle must be followed up with real content on the landing page, or you will quickly be marked a spammer. Readers will be very annoyed if your emails are all flash and no delivery.

A Deal Hack You Can Do

Many customers don’t take advantage of sales or promotions because shopping takes time they don’t wish to expend. If you find customers aren’t responding to coupons on your site, consider offering deeper discounts in email, says Stanford professor of Marketing Stephan Seilar. A deep discount on one product suggests the website offers more discounts, so customers will return to the website to search.

Repeat Customers

Email is a great way to build customer loyalty. It’s easier and cheaper to retain a customer than to recruit a new one.

  • Use transactional email, such as shipping and sign-up confirmations, as opportunities to share links or inform about related products. Use the soft sell approach: text-based is best, like Google’s non-intrusive Adsense ads.
  • Include a link to the product they just bought. While checking their order, they have opportunity to search the site.
  • Include customer service information — phone, email, and chat line — with each transactional email. Make sure your transactional emails are branded and have the same welcoming tone as your marketing emails. Even after the sale, you want the customer to continue to have the same experience with your brand as they did when they started shopping. Leave them with a positive memory.

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