Email Marketing to Baby Boomers

Working_Baby_BoomersBaby Boomers are the generation born after WWII and, by population, are the largest generation in the Western world. As of 2013, Baby Boomers are age 49-67, and despite having the most wealth, health, and social mobility in America right now, even the youngest members feel ignored by the ad industry.

Email marketers who focus on Baby Boomers may find a high return on investment. A Pew Internet study conducted in 2012 found that 50% of people over age 65 regularly use the Internet and 33% of seniors regularly use social networking. This represents millions of adults who have a $2.3 million purchasing power with access to e-mail, who are largely untapped by Internet marketers.

What Boomers Want

Boomers aren’t as brand-set as they used to be, and due to their wealth and health management as they age, many want to experience new things in their retirement years. They are increasingly exploring new technology and are the leader in buying new cars, says USA Today.

To focus your email marketing on Boomers, consider:

  • 50 is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50. Don’t write ad copy to “an old person,” write to an intelligent, capable person who has different interests than a 20 year old.
  • A common complaint from seniors is that ads talk down to them. If someone was a professional all their lives, they don’t lose their intellectual abilities because they’re no longer 25.
  • Do optimize your e-mails for mobile and integrate to Facebook, as seniors use these services.
  • Boomers look for quality, and they’re willing to spend money for it. Be it a gadget or a gourmet dinner, people in their 50’s and 60’s feel that buying cheap is a false economy. Emphasize the worth of your product beyond its monetary value — including creating expensive looking branding and formatting — and Boomers will be willing to pay.
  • Boomers connect on social media such as Facebook and Pinterest, and rely on friends and family for reviews and recommendations as much — if not more — than younger people. So encourage social media involvement by providing links to your social media pages on all email.
  • Make your social media pages worthwhile to Boomers by providing interesting, amusing, varied content that they will want to share with friends and family. Assume your newsletter will be forwarded, so include a link or form to sign up to the mailing list.

Baby Boomer Parents

Baby Boomer parents typical have children in high school, college, as well as adult children. Boomers with teens are looking for simplicity, coupons, and solutions. Emotional ad campaigns don’t convert with Boomers as well as they do with Millenials.

Use your software for e-mail marketing to divide your list by parents with teens, college students, and those with adult children, as their needs, time, and interaction with your brand are different.

  • Teens and college students have a summer break with idle time, jobs, and internships. Parents shop in stores with their teens, go on vacation, and engage in more family activities than during the school year.
  • Starting in August, parents of teens and college students shop for back to school.
  • Parents of adult children may or may not regularly see their kids. Cost-effective and streamlined ways to connect to kids and grandkids is important. Skype and Facebook are very popular with people over 50.

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