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q_aNotice some curious customer behavior? Want to enhance conversions? Are customers drifting away like leaves in the wind? For email marketers, sometimes the answer lies in the body of the email itself. Here, we answer your email marketing content questions.

Q: Our emails test well but people keep unsubscribing. We send all the time.

A: Could you be inundating them with too much information? Keep your messages short and don’t send too often. The most frequently cited reason for unsubscribing from a commercial email list is getting too much email. More than once a week is too often; many companies stick with just once or twice a month

Q: We have a lot of sign-ups who only stay a short time, then unsubscribe.

A: There could be a lot of reasons for this behavior.

1. They’re only signing up for a specific purpose, like a coupon. It’s true that 80% of customers sign up to an email list for a coupon, but that’s not enough to maintain interest. Encourage return business by interacting with your customers in the transactional emails. After a purchase is completed, send an email thanking them for their purchase and ask for a Like or Tweet. Also include a coupon for a friend.

2. You’re not sending what you billed. If you call your list the Superheroes Cupcakes Recipe Mailing list, don’t send recipes for cat-shaped cakes. Delivering content that’s different from what you advertised is irritating enough to get your marked as a spammer. If you want to branch out into cat-shaped cakery, put those posts on a new list and advertise it in a small section of the superhero cupcake list.

3. There’s something unattractive about your emails. Proofread for grammar, tone, style, and format. Use a web tool to ensure that your emails render correctly across all machines and devices. Consider hiring a graphic artist or copywriter to provide content.

Q: We get a lot of really angry emails!

A: There could be a lot of reasons causing this, but one thing that frustrates customers is when they can’t contact a company when something unfortunate happens, like a shipping error. When customers finally track down your company information, they’re extra irritated that you seemed to be hiding from them. This comes off unprofessional and cheap.

One thing you can do is include customer service information in all transactional emails that are sent after a purchase is made. Since customers often save their purchase confirmation emails in case of a shipping or product problem, include your customer service email, phone number, and chat link.

Q: How do we encourage customers to come back and leave reviews?

A: When marketing with email, you’re not advertising at your customers, but having a two-way conversation. Open the conversation by asking questions in subject headers and content. Use transactional emails as an opportunity to continue to interact with your customer by linking to your website after purchase.

Appear to customers as an approachable, talkative brand by responding to posts on social media and customers will feel their reviews will be read and appreciated.

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