Send Personalized Emails With Trigger Email Marketing

triggered-emailsTrigger emails are marketing emails sent in response to a customer’s online behavior. They’re an effective method of reaching your customer because your email catches them in just the right mood to hear a message that can convert into a sale.

For example, an abandoned cart is a customer behavior that you can follow up on with an email. Many times, customers use the shopping cart to facilitate window-shopping when they are price-comparing across several websites. They have created a profile on the website, so the company can send them an email — optimally within an hour, no more than 24 hours — to remind them about the good deal. American Airlines tried this tactic and had a 400% conversion rate compared to not sending an email.

But take it a step farther. What other information may be contained in an email to a shopper who’s left your website? Maybe they bought the item somewhere else. Do they need peripherals? Related products? Insurance? If they bought an airline ticket, do they need a hotel? If the product is something they will buy often, like baby products, can you offer a BOGO or free shipping code on their next purchase?

Since your customer has already found your website and considered making a purchase, it can be worth the discount to offer an incentive so they become a first time buyer — hopefully, they then become a repeat customer. Your ESP has tools to help you plan and schedule the release of trigger emails.

Soft Sell Triggers

Saying ‘thank you’ puts a friendly face on your company’s brand and helps encourage sales, repeat sales, and customer loyalty.

Send a triggered ‘thank you’ email when:

  • Customers download content from your site.
  • They click a specific link.
  • Customers sign up for newsletter updates, or after the double-confirmation.
  • When a customer has completed a purchase or left a review. This is also an opportunity to let them know about related or complimentary products.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is the process of automating relevant content to sales leads over a period of time, usually sent via email. Sometimes the emails are on a pre-set schedule; sometimes they are triggered by the lead’s action.

When planning your drip marketing campaign, you may decide that your customers’ behavior will trigger different materials to arrive. For example, if they open more text-based emails, then they will not receive any video email.

The most important philosophy in drip marketing is that you must continually place your name in front of your customer many, many times before a sale can happen; allowing your customers’ behavior to determine the format in which they see your name enhances your likability score. This passive sales tactic is easy and cheap with an automated triggered email campaign.

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