Enhance Your Brand With Email Marketing

brand-300x300Your company’s brand is the collective look, attitude, mood, and voice that it impresses upon potential customers. It’s the way they feel when they experience your advertisements, go into your store, visit your website, talk to your staff, and buy your products. Branding is your voice when you speak to the public, and that voice should be consistent.

To brand your e-mail marketing campaign, all marketing e-mail should use a consistent voice, color scheme, and tone, the same as your other marketing materials.

Branded Email Marketing

  • Use the same template for all e-mail messages.
  • Ensure transactional e-mails follow the same format from each department and are using the same template. IT, customer service, and billing should use the same tone, format, and design.
  • Be sure everyone who interacts with staff via e-mail is aware your company’s customer service e-mail policies. Make sure the message is the same across departments.

Lively E-Mail


Another word for branding is personality. You have the opportunity to express your brand’s unique flavor when you show your customer courtesy and appreciation. These often come across in transactional e-mails, such as:

  • Thanking customers for their purchase or for visiting your site.
  • E-mailing to follow up on an abandoned cart.
  • Using website sign-ins and cookies, like Amazon.com does, to present a tailored front page with content your customer is most interested in seeing.

Create a character as the voice of your brand. What kind of colors and images represent a personified version of your brand? What sort of tone do they use in prose? What kind of slang or idioms are brand-consistent?

When experimenting with e-mail tone and format, remember to do A/B testing when you experiment with tone, colors, and design to find out how customers respond by noting open-rates and click-throughs.

Emphasize Your Brand’s Personality

Your e-mail voice should be based on your company’s core values and be an extension of your brand’s marketing plan. When planning an e-mail marketing brand personality, ask yourself:

  • Who is my product for?
  • Who is our core customer?
  • Who is our secondary customer?
  • What is the most important problem your product solves?

Enhance Engagement

With e-mail marketing, you aren’t just marketing at customers, but engaging in a conversation. Every e-mail should have a call to action that leads to another step. Give customers something to do by offering interaction such as:

  • Offer valuable downloadables, information, whitepages, and samples.
  • Run contests and giveaways.
  • Post polls on your website and in email (your e-mail marketing services can supply the code and track the responses).
  • Ask customers for product reviews on blogs and social media.
  • Provide links to social media and your website on every newsletter. Ask questions and ask for answers on forums, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Indicate what the reader should do next — ask them to go to a website, Like on Facebook, forward to friend, check out a product demo. Even if the e-mail newsletter isn’t intended to close the sale, it shouldn’t be the end of the conversation.

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