Targeted Markets: A Time Investment that Pays Back in Dollars

identify-the-target-marketIf you’re stuck coming up with content for your email newsletters, it may be that you’re thinking of your customers as one, impersonal mass. It’s true that customers are the people who give you money for the things you produce, but look to your email marketing software’s analytics for insights into the people behind the dollars. By getting to know your customer, you can personalize their experience with your company. They are less likely to delete an email that has the right marketing message for their lives.

One company found that even though they were based in New York, and most of their customers were walking distance from the Brooklyn-situated store, they had a fervent Facebook fanbase in a small college town in rural Texas. This cropped up because the CEO had given a talk at the college. Semesters had gone by, but the company was still popular because the store used their email marketing software integrate their email marketing message. They posted Texas-specific Facebook posts and email messages only to those subscribers.

The effort was small, and when the store decided to franchise past the Mississippi River, the choice to place a store in Dallas was obvious. Their brand wasn’t a complete stranger in town, but rather an esoteric, warm, college memory.

Take Advantage of Special Opportunities

Contact customers personally on life events in which a message is particularly welcome. For example, send welcome emails to new subscribers, send birthday greetings, new baby congratulations, or special offers when they change their address and may be making big purchases.

Consider bonuses on special days as shows of appreciation for staying with the company. Starbucks sends the customers who regularly use their gift cards to pay a direct mail coupon on their birthdays for any drink, with any add-ins. This is a small cost for the store, but a big bonus for customers who get to try out new drink recipes for free. Also, it encourages return business when a customer gets to try something new with no risk of paying for something they don’t like. The birthday coupons are a popular open secret of the gift card program that keeps people signed up.

Customers Unsubscribing? Investigate

Unsubscribes? Low click rates or conversions? Don’t just send out emails — part of an email marketing campaign is regular testing. If you are an invester you may want to look into remote proprietary trading where you can start trading with others. One effective method is the A/B split marketing test, in which you send two different types of email to half of your marketing list and note their reaction, like a difference in click-throughs. So, group A gets one version and group B gets another. Optionally, there should be a third group, C, for ‘control,’ who gets the same type of email you always send, so you can determine if an outside factor caused the changed reaction.

Only test one variable at a time, like a different subject heading, or different format. If you have more than one difference in the test emails, you won’t know which factor caused the different reaction in the group. The larger the sample group, the more accurate your information will be.


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