Send More Personalized Emails for a Higher ROI

ROIThe difference between direct mail, email marketing, and broadcast marketing is that email is the most personalized form of interacting with your customers. This is good news for marketers! Customers today expect a tailored, specific experience when they shop online. They want to save their preferences from one website visit to the next, and they don’t want to see ads that aren’t relevant to their needs. (However, they do expect their privacy to be respected.)

To show that your marketing email is tailored to your customers’ experiences, there are a few ways to use your ESP’s analytics to send personalized marketing emails.

The Greeting

Inform your reader why you are sending her email. Just using the recipient’s name doesn’t raise open or conversion rates, but reminding them why they signed up to receive your advertising does get their interest. Try, “Hi, Chandra, you’re receiving this email because you signed up at booth at the Tech Convention.”

Always make sure you collect first names with email addresses for your database. Just sending an email to an anonymous email address raises your spam score, and your email isn’t as likely to be read. The name should be used in the first few lines of text to have the most impact.

Split the List

Sending the right message to the right person doesn’t have to mean drafting a new message for each subgroup. Tweak your core message by tailoring it to your sublists. For example, by using location data to write more personal subject headers, one marketing group experience a much higher open rate. You can use local details to:

  • Mention a local government representative or official.
  • Mention a local school, museum, mascot, or other point of interest.
  • Market the emails in a local team or school’s colors.

What other special, specific subgroups on your list would appreciate a specific, tailored message? Birthdays? Anniversaries? Back-to-school? Look into demographics such as income, household size, age, level of activity with your brand, length of subscription, or other factors that influence how customers may interact with your company.


When sending email to your long-time subscribers, show that you are listening to their specific concerns.

The most effective sales pitch is made at the right time, particularly when a customer is shopping. Send email promptly when a customer has abandoned a shopping cart or giftlist on your website — about an hour after they’ve left the site, when they may be shopping around, and are still in a shopping mood.

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