Make Your Newsletter a Must-Read

A-must-read-1024x791Do you advertising emails may have low click rates? Maybe your readers are putting them aside to read later. Your content isn’t compelling enough to remind them too get back to it, so the email sits there, until it’s forgotten. Eventually, the reader may delete them — or rather than open one to unsubscribe, highlight all the “your product” emails and mark them as spam.

Make your newsletter the first thing your subscribers want to read by following these tips.

  • Use personalized, compelling subject headers to draw the reader’s attention. Write specific subject lines that can be scanned in a few seconds; don’t use the recipients’ name, lots of exclamation points, over the top warning language, or mentions of money. These tricks are so done, they now come off as scam signals. In tests, higher open rates were yielded from subject headers that were locally relevant, including a city name.
  • Study your social media activity to find the best topics to send to specific subgroups of your email list. A dexterous ESP, such as Mission Suite, can help you integrate your social media and email mailing list; you can use social media chatter to know what your readers are interested in by demographic.
  • Use a clean, clear format and keep to a narrow range of topics in each email. Email is a brief format, so get to the point: readers are more likely to want to read if your email is easy to scan.
  • Write in short chunks of about 200 words, separate ideas with topic headings and formatting, and limit the number of topics to 2 or 3 in each email. Use separate email lists if you want to convey very different ideas; for example, give people the choice to sign up to the “monthly calendar of events” list separately from the “news and updates” list.
  • Have you tested that your readers can read your email, wherever, whenever, and in whatever format they want. The train? At work?
  • Don’t embed video or sound in email, use a landing page or social media instead. Test that your email looks professional, clear, and readable on: phones and other mobile devices, various operating systems, in the Outlook preview pane, with and without images. Draft a plain text version that your ESP will bundle with the HTML version if you send in multi-part MIME.
  • Deliver varied content that’s useful to your readers’ lives. Ask yourself: How can you present this new product or article as a problem-solver or solution-maker? Offer an opinion, instruction, or information. Think beyond your product. Check out what your readers are saying on your social media page, or answer the questions you get from customers in store or called in.

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