Email Marketing Doesn’t Have to Replace Facebook

facebook-mailIntegrating your social media presence and email marketing is important to keep your message dynamic. If you rely too much on one format, you risk sounding single-note or one-dimensional; further, you can reach more people by advertising via Facebook, Twitter, your website, and email. An effective, affordable marketing email software — like Mission Suite — includes tools to schedule the sending of messages to Facebook, Twitter, and email. Using your ESP’s tools, you can set aside an hour one day a week to plan your campaign for the week, or even to schedule your emails for the month.

Social media is a powerful tool you can use to keep in touch with your customers. It provides an instant line of communication to their concerns, questions, and appreciation for your products. Similarly, email can be a connection to your readers as well by creating a personal connection. Put a personal email address in your return field, so customers feel as comfortable replying to your emails as they do Liking your posts on Facebook.

  • Link back your emails and Facebook to one another. Your ESP should have the HTML email signup-form code to drop into your Facebook profile; also, your ESP can provide you with Like and Tweet buttons to place in your emails. Simple, one-click links to direct users to your social media pages will encourage more Likes.
  • Always include a call to action in your newsletters: “Like us on Facebook,” “Check out on Facebook page.” This may seem like obvious information, but readers tend to scan commercial emails and then let them sit in their inboxes, intending to get back to them later. Obviously, a sales flier isn’t their top priority in life, so they may never get back to it. However, if you ask for what you want, or give an instruction, you’ve shown your customer that taking action is simple and quick.
  • When coming up with content for your newsletter, think beyond your brand. Link to related Facebook pages and campaigns that your readers may be interested in. This isn’t dividing your customers’ attention; it’s making your newsletter more valuable to your readers by providing them with interesting, varied, unique content.
  • If you see something on Facebook you think they’ll like, tell them. They’ll be more likely to continue to subscribe to your email list if it’s delivering new, interesting information.
  • Add an attractive, graphic signup form for your mailing list on Facebook.¬†Your ESP should provide you with the web form, but you can customize it and make it look more attractive with an image. The image should be no wider than 520 pixels.

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