When Your Junk Mail Isn’t Working, Switch to Email Marketing

Spam2_2An email campaign is conducted very similarly to a direct mail campaign, the main difference is that is more timely, cheaper, and better targeted to your customers’ needs and interests. If properly used, your software for email marketing will never let a marketing dollar go wasted again.

Direct mail is expensive, from postage and mail pieces themselves, and 44% of direct mail is thrown away unopened. The US Postal service delivers 87 million pieces of direct mail per day, and there are services dedicated to stopping “junk mail.” Customers complain about companies that haven’t “gone green,” and become irritated at the luddite company that forces them to waste paper.

Part of the reason direct physical mail is unwelcome is because it isn’t as deftly targeted as software for email marketing can target email direct mail. You can’t track who opens your direct mail, makes a purchase, or simply throws them away every time they arrive.

Reaching Your Customers Online

You can use software for email marketing to track open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and who marks you as spam. Your direct mail database may be differentiated by demographics, but that’s not as useful as a living, responsive list that reflects customers’ interests, lifestyles, responses to your Facebook posts and Tweets, and real-time surveys.

Today, customers expect a dialog with businesses, not to be advertised at. Email marketing lists can be integrated with your social media presence. If your customers are talking about a pressing topic, you can mine that conversation as material for your next newsletter, while the conversation is current. Your company will be more timely and responsive to customer’s most pressing concerns.

Email goes with customers in their mobile devices. An emailed coupon doesn’t take up space in pockets or purses, can’t be forgotten or lost before it can be used, and can be saved in an email folder until the customer is ready to use it. Even customers older than the Millenial generation — especially women, who do 85% of household shopping — have embraced using smart phone technology as a tool to expedite shopping.

Email Marketing Can Work For You

You don’t have to be a web guru to get an email marketing campaign started. If you can write copy — or hire someone who can — any affordable, effective email marketing software suite will provide templates, analytics, social media integration tools, and attentive customer service by phone to get you started. The cost should be comparable to — if not less than — what you are paying for a direct paper mail campaign.

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