How to use Email Marketing to Inspire Customer Confidence


feedbackYou might not know this, but with the help of and your email marketing campaign which truly shouldn’t just be used to send out coupons, you can get you business functioning quite well.Email is a personal forum in which you can send personalized messages that are relevant to each customer’s needs. With your email solutions software’s analytics, you have the tools to send the right message, at the right time, to the right customer.

With constant opportunities to touch base with customers, a tactful email marketing strategy can inspire customer confidence in your product or brand.

Use email marketing to . . .

  • Keep in contact with customers after they have bought a product. A few days after your customer should have received the item, send them an email asking if it arrived, and if they liked it, to please rate. Include the customer service phone number and chat link, we also recommend using business texting solutions to better communicate with your customer. Have a human being in the return address so they can respond to the email and get a response.
  • Give customers a way to contact you if something goes wrong. Most companies are like the fair weather friend who give you silent treatment when you’re upset with them. Customers shouldn’t have to search the Internet and find your contact information in a customer complaints discussion forum. Put your customer service number, link to the support chat site, and email in each customer communication.
  • Use a consistent format, send on a consistent schedule. Brands become trusted because they’re recognizable; stability in brand transfers over to the product. The reason Coca Cola is world-recognizable and Santa Clause always wears red is that customers buy a look that’s familiar.
  • Test your emails to find the best schedule and stick to it. Similarly, pick a basic format — the header, edges, and footer, as well as placement of sidebars and graphics — that can work for future topics. Of course, coupons or special blasts may be designed to have a unique look or theme, but the colors, fonts, and mood can still convey your company. Look at a popular brands’ holiday packaging versus everyday packaging to see how they sell “Halloween,” for example, but are still recognizable as their own brand.
  • Show that you’re listening. When CEOs come into social media and respond personally to customer concerns, customers feel that a problem is being addressed.

Relying only on email will come off static one single-note — reach your customers on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and your own website. A good email marketing software package, like Mission Suite’s, can help integrate your marketing campaigns across social media platforms.


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