Email Marketing to High Earning Women

professional-business-womenAccording to research from the AIO marketing group, women make up the majority of buyers in business. Their positions in the workplace often make them responsible for buying everything from office supplies, to property, to banking packages.

Some financial demographics you may not know about high-earning women, who, for the purposes of this article, are women who make $75,000-$200,000 a year.

  • 3/4 of all firms that earn at least $1 million per year are at least half owned by women, if not completely owned by women.
  • Women make 70% of travel decisions for business and pleasure.
  • However, 88% of high earning women do not regularly fly business or first class. Perhaps they’d rather spend their vacation budget on things other than the flight?
  • There’s a bell curve for affluence and age: the richest women in America are Baby Boomers.
  • Women make 85% of household spending choices and 80% of household healthcare decisions.
  • Women age 40-50 prefer to shop alone or with their children, do not want too much intrusion from shop assistants, and don’t like loud music or to be sold trends.
  • High earning women use smart phones to shop and read email almost as frequently as men. They use their phones as a tool and will sign up for a mailing list if it offers a coupon, and are 44% likely to use a mobile coupon, compared to 35% of men.

Reaching High Income Women With Your Email Campaign

First, get a good email hosting. Utilize Facebook and email marketing integration in your online campaign. Most high earning women are on Facebook, so take care to see what they’re talking about and mine those conversations for newsletter topics.

High earning women want to be informed, not advertised to. They are skeptical enough to know when they are receiving an ad pitch, but open to learning about a new product or service. Emphasize what your product can do for them in plain English, not buzz-words or falsely enthusiastic ad-speak. (No one gets that excited over yogurt.)

Selling Health: An Example

The public in general is concerned about its health, and high earning women have the liquid assets available to investigate all-natural, holistic health and food products. However, high earning women are aware that just because a product is touted as natural or healthy doesn’t make it so. High earning women may subscribe to your newsletter to receive regular updates about your product and others like it. You could create a landing page or Facebook page devoted to quotes from a reputable study, sample offers, coupons, and sales of the full product.

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