With the Right Software Email Marketing is a Breeze

Postman rivalery - Mail deliveryYou have a products and services you want to sell and you need to get customers. Email is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to market what you have to offer. When compared to other forms of marketing such as print media, television or radio, or old fashioned snail mail, email is hard to beat. You may be tempted to jump on in and use your own email account. That may work for about a week or two, but as more subscribers sign up you will find it takes up more of your time managing your subscriber lists. You may also have the unfortunate circumstance of being flagged as spam by your ISP. This is because personal and even business email accounts aren’t set up to handle a full-fledged email marketing campaign. This is where a software email marketing program comes to the rescue.

Why Use a Software Email Marketing Program?

Besides the aforementioned danger of being flagged as spam, there are several good reasons to invest in a software email marketing program. A software email marketing program saves you money in the long run because it is easy to use and doesn’t take an entire department of staff to manage your email campaign. Here are some other compelling reasons to use a software email marketing program.

  • Format your emails to your company’s personality. You can choose from templates or build your own format. Include your logo, images, colors, and format the text. As your company grows you can edit and change the format to suit your needs.
  • Protect the identity of your subscribers. If you’ve ever received an email with the entire recipient list displayed, you know how important this benefit is. Emails will go out with only the reader’s address listed.
  • A software email marketing program makes it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe. You can set up an automated response to new subscribers as well as a thank you email for those that opt out. You can even direct those who unsubscribe to a questionnaire or survey to find out why they have chosen to stop getting your emails.
  • A software email marketing program helps keep your emails out of the trash bin of your recipients. When you start to send out hundreds of emails from your personal email account most of the messages will get sent to the trash bin before your recipients even see it.
  • Track open rates, which links are clicked, and what landing pages have the most traffic with a software email marketing program. All of these numbers are very important to track the success of your marketing efforts.
  • You can manage your lists much easier with a software email marketing program. It will keep your lists clean by purging bounced back addresses, segment addresses according to your specifications, and give you feedback on each mailing list you create.

A software email marketing program is money well spent. It will save you time and money, and make your next email campaign very powerful and effective. At The Mission Suite we can help you choose the right email marketing program for your business. Contact us today and ask about our free trial offer.

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